Unitron Hearing Aids Review

Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid company that was established in 1964. Unitron’s parent company, Sonova, also owns Phonak. The two businesses have noticeable similarities likely as a result of sharing a parent company.

Unitron has a reputation for offering hearing solutions for a wide array of hearing loss levels, budgets, and preferences. The result is more than 20 different models available. Unitron has had a large presence in the pediatric hearing aid market which is anticipated to continue into the future.

Over the last few years, the company has focused on offering robust and effective apps and accessories. Since smartphones are used by the majority of Americans, the apps are extremely important to customer satisfaction. In the following paragraphs, the features and technology making Unitron one of the best hearing aid brands on the market will be highlighted.

Why Is Unitron A Great Product/brand?

Unitron offers many options in terms of style, features, and design. A hearing aid specialist or audiologist can help ensure you select the right design for your needs. There are five families of Unitron hearing aids and each of the families include different styles and features. The result is over 30 options from which to choose. There are also different “technology levels” including, from lowest to highest, 500, 600, 700, 800, and Pro. If you are not interested in features such as BlueTooth connectivity or hands-free calling, you can save money by purchasing a 500 level product.

To purchase Unitron hearing aids, you need to set an appointment with an audiologist who will be able to walk you through the process of choosing the right Unitron device. This hearing care professional will be able to assist you if you experience future problems, or fitting issues.  They can monitor performance tracking to help ensure that you are getting the most out of your hearing aids.

Aside from the significant number of options Unitron offers, the company is well-known for its quality and innovation. In fact, since 2014, Unitron has won 7 Red Dot awards for innovative product design. It is a brand known for great connectivity between the hearing aids and other BlueTooth electronics providing features such as hands-free calling, music and television streaming, and remote controlling of your device. The suite of apps and accessories also show Untiron’s desire to connect their hearing aids with the rest of the world, offering the best and most consistent sound possible. Their desire is to create a natural hearing experience for their users and they do this through impressive sound performance technology, consistent innovation, connectivity to other electronics, and functionality intended to solve real-life hearing challenges.

Unitron Hearing Aids Technology/Features

The technology and features offered by Unitron hearing aids are really what set them apart from other hearing aid manufacturers. The goal of Unitron hearing aids is to offer you a natural and personalized hearing experience from the very first time you put your hearing aids in your ears. It is the following technologies that allow Unitron to do that better than most hearing aid brands available.

  • SoundCore

SoundCore may be the most important technological feature that Unitron offers with respect to a natural listening experience. Natural hearing can only happen when your hearing aids respond to your acoustic environment and SoundCore does this for Unitron hearing aids. SoundCore is a combination of a variety of different technologies that adjust your hearing aid to any changes in your environment without any action taken by you. Here are the technologies that combine to make “SoundCore.”

  • SpeechPro

SpeechPro focuses on and highlights speech sounds at the expense of the ambient sounds in your environment. This helps you hear what people are saying and carry on conversations even in noisy places.

  • SoundNav

When sounds enter your hearing aids, SoundNav intelligently and automatically classifies them into 7 listening environments: quiet, conversation in quiet, conversation in a small group, conversation in a crowd, conversation in noise, noise, and music.

  • Sound Conductor

Sound Conductor uses the information about your acoustic environment to make speech clearer and provide excellent sound quality. Speech enhancement increases the volume of voices so that they are easier to hear. Noise Reduction reduces the volume of the background noise that is present. Directionality improves the signal to noise ratio and helps you pinpoint where the sound originated. The Sound Conductor basically takes the information given by SoundNav to give you a high quality listening experience.

  • Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness uses all four of the microphones in your hearing aids, two in each ear, and separates sounds so that you can pinpoint their source of origin. These verbal cues also help you know how far away or near people are just from the sound of their voice.

  • Unitron TrueFit software

TrueFit software is for hearing health professionals, but it is important for wearers to understand what it is as well. This is a software that makes it easy for an audiologist to fit you with the correct hearing aid. They can easily compare different technology levels and features so that they know what is available and what you need for your personal hearing. 

  • Sonova PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management)

The new PRISM chip has twice the memory of any previous processing microchip and includes more connectivity options to other wireless devices and accessories. A faster processing time means that the sound reaches your ear more quickly than ever before. It also provides even higher quality sounds.

  • Antishock 2

Loud and unexpected noises are unpleasant for everyone, but for people with hearing loss these sounds can be amplified and particularly jarring. Antishock 2 automatically and immediately greatly reduces the volume of your hearing aids to make that moment less impactful.

This feature sends sounds directly from your phone to the hearing aids in both of your ears. You may experience hearing loss in only one ear, or one ear may be considerably worse than the other. The binaural phone feature sends the same sounds to both ears resulting in a more natural experience. 

  • Adaptation Manager

This feature is especially great for those who are wearing hearing aids for the first time. Your hearing aid will slowly adjust the programming over time to help you get used to hearing the full spectrum of sounds after years of not hearing them.

  • Red Dot Winner 2021

The Red Dot award is one of the most prestigious in the hearing aid industry, and Unitron has won 7 since 2014. In 2021, the “Moxi Blue Rechargeable” healing aid from Unitron won the Red Dot award in product design for its innovative design and high end technology features.

Unitron Hearing Aids 2022






Unitron Hearing Aid App(s)

Most people no longer leave their home without making sure their smartphone is with them, and as smartphones gain in popularity and importance every day, the apps that make them useful gain importance as well. This reliance on smartphone technology is obvious in the hearing aid market as well, and Unitron has developed a couple of apps allowing you to control and maximize the effectiveness of your hearing aids. Here are the two apps that will help you control your hearing aids remotely.

  • Unitron Remote Plus App

With the Remote Plus app, you can control the volume of your hearing aids and split the volume so that each ear hears different volume levels. You can also change the programs of your hearing aids discreetly depending on the environment you are in. This allows you to maximize your hearing ability no matter what is going on. In addition some advanced program settings are available, including the TV connector.

The “Log It All” feature within the app tracks the amount of time that the user spends in each of the seven listening environments. You can take this information and adjust your hearing aids accordingly. At the same time, the “Ratings” feature within the app allows you to rate your hearing experience in real-time by giving it a positive or negative score. This information is logged into the app, along with the listening environment you were in, and the app, along with your audiologist, can make adjustments and suggestions based on the data collected.

To use the Remote Plus app you must use a smartphone and connect to your hearing aids through BlueTooth technology. The Remote Plus App is a robust system that gives you the power to control your hearing aids and your listening experience from the comfort of your own home screen.

  • Unitron uControl app

The Unitron uControl app is similar to the Remote Plus without some of the features available. You can control volume, change settings, and even pair this app with uDirect to connect through BlueTooth technology. There are also instructional videos on some of the FAQs associated with hearing aid technology.

Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

One of the biggest strengths of the Unitron hearing aid brand is the breadth and power of their available accessories. Each accessory was designed with a specific purpose and to solve a perceived problem. The idea is that the right accessories can make your hearing experience even better.

  • PartnerMic

If you want to have a one-on-one conversation in a noisy environment, the PartnerMic is perfect. Simply place the mic on the shirt of the person with whom you are speaking, and their speech will be streamed directly into your hearing aids.

  • Remote Control

While your smartphone can act as a remote control through one of Unitron’s app, there is also a remote control accessory available. The remote control can adjust volume and change programs, but it is smaller and more discreet than most smartphones, and it is especially important for those clients who do not carry a smartphone.

  • TV Connector

With the TV Connector, you can wirelessly connect your hearing aids to your television or other media devices. This direct connection will allow you to stream audio directly from the device to your ears and allow you to receive high-quality stereo sound.

  • Moxi Charger

The Moxi Charger is a small and portable charging dock for your rechargeable Moxi hearing device. It is perfect to take on a trip, set next to your bed, or even carry with you on a long day so that you never lose power to your hearing aids.

  • Moxi Charger power pack

The power pack, like the Moxi Charger mentioned above, is for your rechargeable Moxi hearing aids. The difference is that the power pack does not need to be plugged in to charge your device, so you can keep it with you in case of a charging emergency or if you unexpectedly lose power.

  • Charger for Stride PR

This is the charger for the Stride PR hearing aids, and it is very small and very portable. 

  • Remote Control 2

This is an advanced version of the Remote Control described above. It is still very small and allows you to discreetly change the settings of your hearing aids, but it also gives you additional options not available on the original Remote, allowing more control over your hearing experience.

  • IIC Remote

Yet another remote control for your hearing aids, but this one has one simple advantage…It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand without anyone knowing it is there. You only have the capability to adjust volume and switch between programs. The whole point of this device is to be as discreet as possible, and it is.

  • uDirect™ 3

This is a hands-free accessory that gives you a direct connection to any device including mobile phones, televisions, FM receivers, and MP3 players. If your device does not naturally connect to something, this accessory will give you the connectivity you need.

  • uTV™ 3

This device sends sound to both of your hearing devices simultaneously so that you get a more enjoyable listening experience with greater sound quality. If you enjoy television with no distractions and great sound, this is the device for you.

What’s The Edge Of Unitron Hearing Aids?

With so many devices, a plethora of apps, and a feature-rich lineup of high end technology, Unitron hearing aids have something for everyone. The combination of the PRISM chip’s high processing speeds, SoundCore technology, and Remote Plus app give Unitron one of the clearest and most natural listening experiences out there. No hearing aid will ever replicate the hearing process and sound environment that you get with natural hearing, but Unitron’s technology comes as close as any other device on the market.

Dr. Heidi Hill

Heidi is the owner of Hearing Health Clinic, MN for the past 14 years, and specializes in tinnitus, concussions, and auditory processing problems. She is a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and launched a teaching program called CogniHear. Heidi believes in an innovative holistic approach to hearing care.
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Dr. Heidi Hill

Heidi is the owner of Hearing Health Clinic, MN for the past 14 years, and specializes in tinnitus, concussions, and auditory processing problems. She is a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and launched a teaching program called CogniHear. Heidi believes in an innovative holistic approach to hearing care.
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