Resound Hearing Aids Review

ReSound is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer that was established more than 70 years ago. Over the years, ReSound has become known as one of the most visionary and technologically advanced companies in the hearing aid market and has been responsible for a few hearing aid firsts. Some of those firsts include:

  • “Made for iPhone” hearing aids
  • Digital feedback suppression
  • Wide dynamic range compression
  • Direct wireless streaming for Android devices
  • Microphone and Receiver In the Ear (M&RIE) technology
  • The first open-standard chip

It is easy to see why ReSound is known for pushing the envelope and advancing hearing aid technology, but the goal that ReSound strives for ultimately is providing a natural listening experience to their customers. Much of the technology listed above, and especially the M&RIE technology is aimed at that elusive goal of natural hearing. The following is a review of the ReSound Hearing Aids brand that will help you decide if ReSound is right for you.

Why Is Resound A Great Product/brand?

ReSound’s mission is to develop and advance technology that allows your hearing aids to mimic natural hearing. They believe that hearing, like a fingerprint, is a one-of-a-kind experience and that everyone listens and hears differently. With that in mind, there is no substitute for natural hearing, but ReSound makes a great product because their goal is to recreate the natural hearing that users previously experienced. Here are some ways that ReSound has set itself apart in the hearing aid industry: 

  • Solutions for all types of hearing loss

If you are experiencing hearing loss, no matter how mild or how severe, there is a ReSound product for you. If you are just in the beginning stages of hearing loss, there are models like the ReSound One that allow you to combine your natural hearing with the help of a hearing aid. If your hearing loss is severe or profound, the ReSound Enzo Q is ReSound’s most powerful device combining performance with power.

  • Natural Listening Experience

ReSound is unique in their focus on mimicking natural hearing, and many of the features they develop are to this end. They offer great directionality so that you can pinpoint where sound originates. They have “Ultra Focus” 

  • ReSound Hearing for Heroes

Hearing for Heroes is an online onboarding program designed for veterans. According to the company, it can take several months for a person to fully adjust to the new sounds that come through. The Hearing for Heroes program helps veterans begin their hearing journey and adjust to their new ReSound hearing aids. By simply signing up on the ReSound website, veterans can take advantage of six online courses that help them get acquainted with their new hearing aids and to make sure they get the best out of whatever device they choose.

  • Sound Quality

The quality of the sound that you hear through a ReSound hearing aid is  similar to high end headphones, both when you stream music and in normal conversation. Part of a natural hearing experience is really fast processing and crisp sounds. ReSound delivers on both.

  • Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable ReSound hearing aids can last up to 30 hours on a single charge, and the company has put a lot of effort into making as many of their devices rechargeable as possible. Being able to take your hearing aids out at night, charge them, and put them back in when you wake up without ever touching a battery is an important feature for good hearing aids.

Hearing loss and tinnitus go hand in hand, so it is important for any good hearing aid to take tinnitus relief into consideration. ReSound’s Sound Generator introduces sounds such as white noise, low-level music, ear masking noise, or even your own customized sound into your environment, to mask tinnitus. There is a ReSound app called “ReSound Relief App” that will be discussed below which also helps with tinnitus reduction.

ReSound Hearing Aids Technology

ReSound is known, above anything else, for their advances in hearing aid technology. The technology described below includes reasons ReSound hearing aids are set apart from their competition.

  • C6 Chip Platform

The C6 chip platform produces ReSound’s fastest processing speeds to date without negatively affecting battery performance. A chip platform is the engine behind hearing aid technology. ReSound’s platform is really fast and very efficient. 

  • M&RIE

The ReSound One was the first M&RIE hearing aid on the market. What sets this style apart is that it adds a third microphone to the hearing aid and places that microphone inside your ear canal. Since this is where hearing takes place to begin with, it improves the organic sound quality of the listening experience, but it also adds to the directionality of the hearing aid. By incorporating a third microphone in each ear, for a total of six, combined with the extra processing speeds from the C6 chip platform and the ability for the hearing aids to communicate with each other, the source of each sound can be precisely pinpointed. This type of hearing aid can also use the natural shape of your ear to individualize your listening experience and make it as natural as possible.

  • All Access Directionality

The all access directionality is designed to adjust the directional microphone patterns automatically based on the environment you are in. This helps you to hold conversations with people in noisier environments while also giving you access to additional sounds the quieter the environment becomes.

  • Ultra Focus

The Ultra Focus feature allows you to focus all six of the microphones of both of your hearing aids in front of you, effectively ignoring the sounds from behind and beside you. This feature is perfect when you are having a personal and important one-on-one conversation with another person and you do not want to miss anything.

  • ReSound Assist 

This feature is accessed through the Smart 3D app and it connects users with hearing care professionals for remote fine-tuning requests and video appointments where live assistance is accessible. With ReSound, a local audiologist is vital and they will set you up with the device and offer after care as well. The ReSound Assist feature is there for those times when you do not need to go into an office but you need a tweak or change in your hearing aid settings.

  • Bluetooth and Streaming

ReSound products connect to your iPhone or Android device as well as many other Bluetooth capable electronics. Specifically with your iPhone, you can experience hands-free calling and the “made for iPhone” features are particularly useful.

  • ReSound HearSay

ReSound Hearsay gives people who are successfully managing their hearing loss with a ReSound product the chance to share their stories and successes with others. This allows people who have had hearing aids for a while the opportunity to offer guidance and advice while also letting new wearers see that there are success stories when it comes to hearing loss and hearing aids.

ReSound Hearing Aids 2022

ReSound ONE

ReSound LiNX Quattro

ReSound ENZO Q

ReSound Key

ReSound Hearing Aid Apps

ReSound has four easy to use apps that allow you to control your hearing aids remotely and discreetly. With any of the apps listed below, simply download them to your phone or tablet and you will have direct access to your hearing aids in the palm of your hand.

  • ReSound Smart 3D app

The Smart 3D app is considered by many to be one of the best hearing apps in the industry. It is thorough, easy to use, and allows you to customize your own listening experience from your smartphone. Some of the things you can do with this app include:

  • A “find your hearing aids” feature.
  • Location based hearing which allows you to save your settings at locations where you spend a lot of time like your home, office, favorite restaurant, etc.
  • Quick buttons are located on the home screen for one-tap access allowing quick adjustments on the go.
  • You can personalize your hearing by saving your favorite settings so that you can find your favorite settings with the push of a button.
  • The ReSound Assist feature is found on this app and is described above.
  • A tinnitus management feature allows you to cope with your tinnitus through music and sounds that can mask the effect of the condition.
  • You can also track your battery level so that you never lose charge when you need it.


  • ReSound Smart app

The newly designed Smart app is easier to use and more intuitive than ever before. With it you can personalize your hearing with your favorite settings, manage tinnitus, find lost hearing aids, and utilize location based hearing just like you can on the 3D app. The Smart app, in essence, is a “lite” version of the 3D app mentioned above and is useful if the Smart 3D app is not available for your device.

  • ReSound Relief app

If you suffer from tinnitus, then the ReSound Relief app is almost a necessity. The app is essentially tinnitus relief on your iPhone or Android device. The relief app offers you these features in regards to tinnitus relief:

  • Sound therapy
  • Relaxing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Guidance

This app offers many different ways to mask and combat the effects of tinnitus.

  • ReSound Control app

The Control app allows you to control the volume and features of your hearing aids from your smartphone. You can also switch back and forth between wireless accessories without having to touch anything. The accessories below are some of the options that can be connected to the Control app.

ReSound Hearing Aid Accessories

ReSound MicroMic

The MicroMic is a  tiny device that you give to the person you are speaking with so that you can hear them from a distance, in a crowd, or just because you are having an important one-on-one conversation. They place the MicroMic on their shirt collar or wear it around their neck and the microphone picks up their voice and sends it directly to your hearing aids.

  • ReSound MultiMic

The MultiMic enhances your hearing and extends your listening range up to 80 feet away. You can also focus on the sounds and speech that you want to hear regardless of the environment.

  • ReSound PhoneClip+

With the PhoneClip+ you can experience hands-free phone calls from your bluetooth smartphone. With Bluetooth technology, phone calls are streamed directly to your hearing aids so that you can enjoy comfortable conversations on the phone even in noisy environments. You can stream music and directions from your device as well.

  • ReSound TV streamer 2

With the TV Streamer 2 you can turn your hearing aids into high quality wireless headphones. You connect a receiver to the back of your television and it sends a wireless signal to your hearing aids that allows you to watch television in stereo.

  • ReSound Remote control

The remote control is a simple device that controls your hearing aids with a discreet handheld device. If you do not carry your smartphone everywhere or if you want something smaller and more discreet, this is the way to go.

What’s the Edge of ReSound Hearing Aids?

ReSound hearing aids remain at the forefront of technology in the hearing aid market. ReSound has a clear vision and mission for what the company desires to accomplish with their hearing aids. ReSound wants to produce a listening experience that is as close to natural as possible. Although hearing aids can’t actually give you your natural hearing back, ReSound focuses on creating the most natural experience possible. ReSound noticed that everyone has a unique and specific way that they hear, and to make hearing as natural as possible, it was vital that the listening experience was personalized. Through their M&RIE technology, ultra fast processing speed, multi directionality, and other features and technology, ReSound boasts one of the most individualized and natural listening experiences out there. This sets them apart from the competition.

Dr. Noel Crosby

Noel is a practicing audiologist for over 30 years. She earned her doctorate in clinical audiology from the University of Florida. In 2006 she established her own clinic and operates independently of any hearing aid manufacturer. You can find Noel at Advanced Hearing Solutions, FL.
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Dr. Noel Crosby

Noel is a practicing audiologist for over 30 years. She earned her doctorate in clinical audiology from the University of Florida. In 2006 she established her own clinic and operates independently of any hearing aid manufacturer. You can find Noel at Advanced Hearing Solutions, FL.
Table of Contents