Phonak Naida Marvel Review

Phonak is the flagship hearing aid brand of Sonova, the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer. The company offers one of the broadest lines of hearing aids in the world, and within those lines you can find almost any feature, style, color, and technology that you can imagine. Phonak has been around for more than 60 years, and has remained at the forefront of hearing aid innovation since their beginning. The company continues to push the envelope in an attempt to give everyone with hearing loss a shot at a premium listening experience.

The Phonak Naida Marvel (M) is a multi-functional power hearing aid that serves people with severe to profound hearing loss. Featuring Phonak’s universal connectivity, it is one of the few power hearing aids on the market that can connect directly to iPhones, Android devices, and almost any Bluetooth enabled device. Some of the main features found in this power hearing aid include Dynamic Noise Cancellation, Speech Enhancer, and Motion Sensor Hearing. There’s much more beyond those three. If your hearing loss requires a power hearing aid, the Naida M gives you the power you need with all of the features and connectivity you’ll enjoy benefitting from.

Things to Consider Before Buying

With the Naida M, you can pair the power of the Phonak Naida with the features and connectivity of the Marvel line of hearing aids. You get universal connectivity to virtually any iPhone, Android device, or any modern, Bluetooth enabled electronic device. The AutoSense 3.0 Operating System (OS) automatically adjusts your hearing aids to your listening environment and classifies streamed signals into either music or voices. If you have severe to profound hearing loss and want all of the features of some of the high end traditional hearing aids, the Naida M might just be exactly what you are looking for.

It is important to note that the Naida M is slowly becoming outdated technologically because of the introduction of the Naida Paradise P model that is currently available. The Naida P is more intuitive, has better connectivity, and offers a rechargeable option. You may, however, be able to get the Naida M for a lower price now that the Naida P is on the market. Beyond Paradise, the newest model called Lumity, which is presently not manufactured as a power hearing aid, is sure to leave power users wanting a further advancement. 


  • The AutoSense 3.0 OS is one of the best operating systems on the market for automatically adjusting your hearing aids to your environment.
  • It is one of the best combinations of power and connectivity in a hearing aid.
  • An IP68 rating means that it is dust resistant and water resistant.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • RogerDirect allows you to connect your hearing aids directly to the highly acclaimed Roger microphones.
  • Has the features included in the Marvel line of hearing aids while also giving you the amplification of a power hearing aid.
  • The myPhonak app is feature-rich and easy to use.
  • Connects seamlessly to Android devices and iPhones and gives you hands-free calling as well.
  • A good lineup of compatible accessories.
  • The Phonak name is synonymous with quality and innovation.
  • Can be adjusted remotely through the free myPhonak app.
  • Stereo-quality streaming from almost any other Bluetooth device including hands-free calling from iPhone and Android alike.


  • No rechargeable option.
  • No In-The-Ear (ITE) or invisible options.
  • The Naida P has better features and technology without a huge increase in price.
  • There are better options for people who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss as these hearing aids are too powerful.

Features & Benefits 

Design/Type of Hearing Aid

The Phonak Naida M is a powerful hearing aid made for people with severe to profound hearing loss. There is only one model, the SP, and it comes in multiple colors. It requires the additional use of a custom ear mold and hollow, durable tubing. The Naida M is a Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Receiver-In-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aid with high end technology and power. 

Fit and Wearability

When you begin getting fitted for the Naida M, your audiologist will probably offer you some customization for the earpiece, called an ear mold, but the device that sits behind your ear is pretty standard. The Naida M is discreet and lightweight so that it sits nicely behind your ear while the custom-fit earpiece adds to the comfort of the device as well.


  • Battery

One of the biggest downsides to this device that was improved with the Naida P is that there is no rechargeable battery option. The disposable batteries can last up to five days even with streaming, but you only have one choice, a size 13 zinc-air battery.

  • Sound quality
    • Directionality

The Naida M uses UltraZoom and Real Ear Sound to pinpoint the direction of speech and other sounds. The ability of the hearing aid to pinpoint specific sounds allows you to more easily hear speech with greater clarity and to more clearly hear other meaningful sounds that you need and want to hear. In addition, there are multiple microphones in the Naida M that can work together to triangulate sounds. If you have a pair of the Naida M, the microphones from both of the devices communicate with each other to give you the best directionality possible.

  • Adaptability

Because it is a powerful hearing aid, it can take some extra time to adapt to the amplification. If you are using the Naida M it means that your hearing loss is either severe or profound so you will probably hear noises and sounds that have been unavailable to you prior to purchasing power hearing aids. Additionally, while it is a fairly discrete BTE hearing aid, it still sits outside and behind your ear with a custom ear mold sitting inside your ear and both of those things may take some getting used to. Like most hearing aids, after some time you will get used to how it fits, but it could take up to a week or more for that to happen.

  • Noise cancellation

WhistleBlock, WindBlock, and NoiseBlock are discussed below. They help reduce awareness of the unwanted noise that wind, common noise, and feedback produce.

  • Adaptive noise reduction

NoiseBlock Processing is Phonak’s noise reduction technology. It is effective at reducing the environmental noise, especially in louder environments, that may make hearing more difficult or uncomfortable. NoiseBlock recognizes speech and differentiates it from non-speech sounds so that it can reduce unwanted noise and help you focus on speech.

  • Automatic sound adjustment based on environment

The AutoSense 3.0 Operating System (OS) is the Phonak technology that scans the sound environment around you, recognizes speech sounds and non-speech sounds, and automatically adapts multiple processes to best match the listening environment of the hearer. It takes into account a myriad of listening situations and even learns your preferences for each one and adjusts the settings of your hearing aid accordingly.

  • Streaming

The Naida M can classify streamed audio as either music or speech, and it does this automatically without the wearer having to even press a button. When speech is being streamed, you get a clear and rich listening experience with incredible speech clarity. When music or any sounds other than speech are being streamed, you get stereo-quality sound just like you would find in high end headphones.


  • Roger Microphones

Even with all of the available technology to help boost the performance of hearing aids in noisy environments or over extended distances, many hearing aid wearers still report challenges hearing in these situations. Roger digital wireless technology can boost the performance of your Phonak hearing aids even in the most challenging environments. These high end remote microphones help to improve your speech understanding in noisy places, enhance your listening experience in groups, and give you access to multiple talkers in meetings or other gatherings. With the Phonak Naida Marvel, you can connect directly to any Roger microphone. The available Roger Microphones include:

  • Roger On

Created for when conversations are held in places with a lot of background noise or when speech or sounds need to be heard over greater than typical distances.

  • Roger Select

Designed to help with group conversations like around a table, in a small group setting, or any other time you are conversing with a group of people and want to hear everyone.

  • Roger Table Mic

A great device for business meetings where you can set the device on the table and it can use its multiple microphones to pick up everyone’s voice.

  • Roger Touchscreen Mic

A classroom-specific microphone that is designed to be placed anywhere in a classroom so that a child can actively participate with the teacher, small group, or whole class.

  • Phonak Partner Mic

A very easy-to-use remote microphone when you need a little extra help with a one-on-one conversation. Regardless of the environment and noise level, you will be able to converse with less effort.

  • TV Connector

You can stream audio from any television or stereo directly to your hearing aids with great sound quality. It is a simple plug-and-play device that will give you great streaming capabilities immediately. It can also double as a streaming device for computers or any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Phonak Remote Control

If you do not want to use the free myPhonak app, this Phonak remote control is the best way to control your hearing aids with a handheld device. There are three large buttons that are easy to use without even looking at the device, and the device is so discreet people might not even know you have it.

Unique Perks and Features

Bluetooth connectivity

When the Naida M came out, it was the first power hearing aid with universal connectivity, and it is still one of the best combinations of power and connectivity out there. You can connect your Naida M with iPhones, Android devices, televisions, tablets, and virtually any Bluetooth-enabled modern electronic device. You also get hands-free calling and RogerDirect compatibility. All of this connectivity comes without the need for an extra device or accessory.

MyPhonak App

The myPhonak app is free to access and can be used in conjunction with the Naida Marvel hearing aids. Using this app is the best way to get the most out of your hearing aids. The app is compatible with most smartphones out there, and it will help you both control your hearing aids and allow them to reach their full potential. Here are some of the features included with the app:

  • Remote Support

With remote support you can video chat with a hearing professional and that same professional can adjust your hearing aids remotely in real time.

  • Remote Control

You can control your hearing aids with your smartphone simply by adjusting the settings and features you desire. You can adjust volume, select programs, adjust noise cancellation, and create your own preferred settings and programs.

  • Hearing Diary

With the “Hearing Diary” feature you can rate your listening experience, see your usage, share feedback with your hearing professional, and more. This feature helps your hearing aids learn how to help you more.

  • “My Hearing Aids”

Everything going on with your hearing aids can be found in this section of the app. You can find your battery level, Bluetooth configuration, wearing time statistics, etc.

AutoSense 3.0

AutoSense 3.0 is the OS that the Marvel line of hearing aids uses. This OS is one of the features that sets the Naida M apart from other power hearing aids on the market. With AutoSense 3.0 your hearing aids can sense your environment and adjust settings and features to predetermined levels based on your environment. With this feature, you do not even have to touch your device or the app as your hearing aids do the work for you. This makes your listening experience effortless and customized both to your preferences and to your environment.

Binaural VoiceStream Technology

Allows you to stream full audio bandwidth in real time. This feature enables Phonak hearing aid wearers to focus on a single voice in challenging listening situations as your hearing aids work together both to pinpoint the origin of the sound you hear and to process that sound for each ear correctly.

Hands-Free Calling

The Naida M is one of the only power hearing aids out there that gives you hands-free calling. The universal Bluetooth connectivity offered by this hearing aid gives you stereo-quality sound and the ability to answer your phone with the push of a button on the hearing aid itself.

myCall-To-Text App

This app allows the wearer to read, in real-time, what the person on the other end of the line is saying. You get live transcription of phone calls and the transcription gets stored if you want to come back and read it later. The app can transcribe calls in more than 80 languages.

Tinnitus Relief

The “Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator” generates a broadband sound for use in tinnitus management therapies. You can either mask the effects of tinnitus or add a sound therapy like “Tinnitus Retraining Therapy” to train your ears to fight against it.


You can expect to pay at least $1,500 per device, but that cost can vary depending on where you purchase it, how much service you get before and after the sale, and the accessories you need to go along with the Naida M hearing aid. 


  • When did Phonak Marvel come out?

The Marvel line of hearing aids was introduced in 2018. At the time, the Roger line of microphones was very popular and Phonak promised an upgrade by the Fall of 2019 that would allow Marvel devices to connect to Roger accessories. Marvel was based on universal connectivity to iPhones, Android devices, and most Bluetooth enabled devices, and the addition of Roger microphone connectivity would set Marvel devices apart even more. RogerDirect was introduced in 2019 and now you can connect your Marvel hearing aids directly to a Roger microphone with no need for any other accessory. In early 2020, the first Phonak Naida Marvel was introduced combining the features of the Marvel line with the power of the Naida.

  • What is Phonak Naida?

The Phonak Naida is a powerful hearing aid that offers the same level of connectivity that you can find in other hearing aids. The problem with many power hearing aids is that, while they offer greater levels of amplification, you lose certain features because of the extra power. Usually the primary feature that you lose is connectivity, but not in the Phonak Naida. You get Phonak’s “universal connectivity” in a power model with the Naida device which means wearers can wirelessly stream audio directly into both hearing aids from virtually any Bluetooth-enabled electronic device.

  • Does Phonak Naida have Bluetooth?

Yes. One of the best features of the Naida line of hearing aids is that it is a powerful hearing aid with universal connectivity. You can connect directly to almost any other Bluetooth-enabled device and that includes hands-free calling both with iPhones and Android devices. 

  • How much does the Phonak Naida Marvel hearing aid cost?

Phonak Naida Marvel is a powerful hearing aid made for people with anywhere from moderate to severe to profound hearing loss. The price of one of these hearing aids starts at just over $1,000, but you can expect to pay at least $3,000 per set and as much as $5,000 or more depending on which model you purchase and where you purchase your hearing aids. There are multiple models and technology levels from which to choose, and it is equally important to find a local audiologist to help you through the process. The price differs depending on each of these variables.

The Phonak Naida M is a powerful hearing aid with the features and connectivity of a high end traditional hearing aid. The Naida M can connect to virtually any Bluetooth-enabled electronic device and any iPhone or Android device as well. The myPhonak app and Roger microphones add great additional features as well as giving you the ability to control and adjust your hearing aids from your smartphone. Since the Naida P came out, the Naida M is slowly being phased out, but it still offers some great features and one of the best combinations of connectivity and power on the market today. If you suffer from moderate to severe/profound hearing loss but want the same features you get in some of the other hearing aids, the Phonak Naida M may be what you are looking for. 

Dr. Matthew Seldine

Matthew earned his Doctorate in Audiology from the University of South Florida. He has clinical and counseling experience and specializes in audiometric and vestibular (balance) diagnostics, hearing instrument technology, and hearing protection and conservation. You can find Matthew at Hearing Partners of South Florida.
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Dr. Matthew Seldine

Matthew earned his Doctorate in Audiology from the University of South Florida. He has clinical and counseling experience and specializes in audiometric and vestibular (balance) diagnostics, hearing instrument technology, and hearing protection and conservation. You can find Matthew at Hearing Partners of South Florida.
Table of Contents