Signia Styletto X Review

Signia is owned and operated by WS Audiology, the largest hearing aid conglomerate in the world. WS Audiology also owns other hearing aid companies such as Widex and TruHearing. Signia is known for quality, pioneering technology, and feature-rich hearing aids. When the company was known as Siemens, prior to 2015, they were the first to develop hearing aids with directional microphones and wireless, ear-to-ear technology, and Signia continues to be a market leader in hearing aid technology. Signia offers choices at almost every price point, for every style, and with different levels of technology.

The Signia Styletto X hearing aid was one of the first SLIM/Receiver-In-the-Canal (RIC) devices on the market, so for a Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid it is sleek and discreet. You also get the Signia Xperience platform, easy and quick recharging options, and one of the best hearing aids apps in the industry, including the Signia Assistant. It would be difficult to find a hearing aid with the combination of aesthetics, rechargeability, sound quality, and features that you find in the Signia Styletto X making it one of the most desirable BTE hearing aids on the market. The following is a review and description of that device.  

Things to Consider Before Buying

In the past, hearing aids have been all about function with design and aesthetics usually more of an afterthought. The designers at Signia realized one important thing, that you wear your hearing aid everywhere and with every outfit so it is important that it looks less like a hearing device and more like an accessory. With In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids, it is easier to make them discreet and unnoticeable, but that is much more difficult with BTE hearing aids that sit right on your ear. With the first SLIM-RIC hearing aid, Signia combined the best of their features and sound quality with a great looking device and the Styletto X was born. You get the direct iPhone connectivity, access to the StreamLine mic to help you connect with other Bluetooth electronics, the Xperience Platform, one of the best apps in the industry and much more. 


  • The combination of design and function is as good or better than any you will find.
  • Rechargeable, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.
  • One of the first SLIM-RIC hearing aids on the market.
  • Acoustic motion sensors take into account the fact that you are not always standing still when you are trying to listen.
  • The longer, skinny design can be easier for people that struggle with dexterity issues in their fingers and hands.
  • The Xperience Chip gives you clear sound with great speech recognition and clarity.
  • Acoustic motion sensors take into account the fact that you move quickly from soundscape to soundscape and they adjust with you to help you understand speech.
  • The charging case works well and, on a full charge, can even recharge your batteries for up to three days in a row without access to a power source.
  • Great accessories and one of the best apps out there for hearing aids.
  • A comfortable fit.


  • Does not directly connect to Android devices.
  • No ITE options available with the Styletto X.
  • Operates best for mild to moderate hearing loss, so the more severe your hearing loss, the less likely they will work.
  • If you are in the market for a new hearing aid, the Styletto AX is a more advanced model that may be worth looking into.

Features & Benefits

Design/Type of Hearing Aid

The Styletto X is a SLIM-RIC hearing aid which means its profile is very sleek and thin sitting behind your ear. It is designed more like an accessory than a hearing aid and comes in a multitude of modern colors. In fact, the design of the hearing aid is one of its most outstanding and noticeable features. Signia was one of the first companies to build a hearing aid that was as much form as function, and the Styletto X is one of the most aesthetically pleasing devices on the market. The Signia Styletto X can help correct mild to severe hearing loss, but it is most suitable for mild and moderate cases.

Fit and Wearability

While the purpose of the design was aesthetics, the result was a very comfortable and compact hearing aid as well. Some of the fit and wearability features include:

  • It is very lightweight.
  • The slim design sits comfortably behind your ear.
  • It is very easy to work with because, while it is slim, it is also long which is helpful for people with dexterity issues.
  • The earpiece is customizable both through professional fitting and Earwear 2.0.

The result is a comfortable, lightweight, and attractive hearing aid that provides the function that Signia is known for without sacrificing the look that many hearing aid wearers prefer.


  • Battery

Another great strength of the Styletto X is the battery. Every Styletto X hearing aid is rechargeable which makes them very easy to use. They take a short time to fully charge, and then last up to 19 hours on a full battery. The charging case is extremely simple to use and is a great way to transport your hearing aids when traveling as well.

  • Sound quality
    • Directionality

With the Spatial Configurator and Spatial SpeechFocus, the person with whom you are speaking does not have to be directly in front of you to hear them. The microphones will adjust to the dominant speech sound.

  • Adaptability

It does not take long to adapt to the Styletto X hearing aids because they are lightweight and attractive. The sleek design and comfortable earpieces work together to make them comfortable and aesthetically pleasing which make them easier to adapt to.

  • Adaptive noise reduction

The Auto EchoShield automatically gives you real-time, automatic echo adjustments and reductions in halls, large rooms with a lot of noise, and other places where echoing can be a problem.

  • Automatic sound adjustment based on environment

The most advanced sound adjustment technology that the Styletto X has is the acoustic motion sensors that are built-in. These sensors can detect the wearer’s movements using the acoustics of their surroundings. The hearing aids can then process sound according to how and where the wearer is moving and adjust the settings of the device based on all of the information it is processing.

  • Streaming

The Styletto X is a made-for-iPhone device so that it connects directly to most newer iPhones for great streaming quality without the need for an accessory. Unlike many newer hearing aids, it does not connect directly to Android devices. You would need the Streamline Mic app to connect, and while the streaming works, it does not provide the same quality or ease-of-use.

The devices also feature “Adaptive Media Playback” which is a feature that increases or decreases volume depending on the ambient sounds. For many, this feature can cause some annoyance because the volume of songs that you are streaming can go up and down when you are on a walk or the wind blows hard.


  • StreamLine Mic

The StreamLine Mic allows for a fully hands-free experience with both audio streaming and phone calls from either iPhone or Android. As long as your phone has BlueTooth capability, the StreamLine Mic can connect to it and provide stereo-quality sound for any occasion. It can also be used as a remote microphone so that you can hear a lecturer or converse with a friend one-on-one in a crowded environment.

  • StreamLine TV

The StreamLine TV accessory allows you to stream audio directly from your television to your hearing aids with no interference. You can even change your own personal volume without affecting the volume of the actual television.

  • miniPocket

The miniPocket is essentially a small, discrete remote control that allows you to change the volume and settings of your hearing aids. It is much smaller than a smartphone and is the perfect option if you do not want to use your app but still want remote control of your hearing aids. You can even carry it on your keychain for better access.

  • Styletto X Charging Case

One of the first hearing aid cases to feature Qi technology which gives the Styletto X the ability to be charged wirelessly. If you charge the charger overnight, you have at least three days that the charging case can continually charge your hearing aid without access to a powersource. This is a great accessory for people who take a lot of quick business trips. 

AI Features

The Signia Assistant feature in the Signia app features machine learning which uses AI to learn your personal hearing preferences. There is also a “hearing test” function that helps your device learn more about how you hear and what your preferences are. These AI features allow your hearing aids to learn to become better the longer that you have them.

Unique Perks and Features

Bluetooth connectivity

The Styletto X has Bluetooth capability, but you do need the StreamLine Mic app to give it universal connectivity. The hearing aid does connect directly to newer iPhones which is nice, but the lack of direct connection to most other Bluetooth devices is a weakness of the Styletto X.

Signia App

As opposed to other hearing aid manufacturers that offer multiple apps to handle different accessories and aspects of the hearing aid, the Signia app covers every Signia device in one place. With the Signia app, you can control your hearing aids from your own smartphone so that you can enjoy everything that they can do. Some of the features available on the app include control over audio streaming, a remote control to adjust the volume or fix the settings, and access to remote support to fix any issues you may have. It is easy to use and most importantly, when you have your smartphone, you also have access to every feature of the Signia App. You have access to the Signia Assistant, which is described below, and you can connect to other devices and stream audio all from your phone. With the Signia app you get: 

  • Remote control over the volume, settings, and features of your hearing aid
  • Face Mask mode which makes it easier to communicate with people in environments where face masks are being worn
  • Management of connectivity and streaming features
  • The ability to schedule and attend virtual hearing appointments and to receive support from your hearing care professional
  • The ability to take “hearing lessons”at your own pace, focussing on how to hear more effectively with your hearing aids

The Signia app is another way to take control of your hearing experience and personalize your hearing aids in a way that works for you. This app is very easy to use, intuitive in its features and function, and thorough. It covers all remote control aspects of your hearing experience. 

Signia Assistant 

The Signia Assistant, like the name suggests, was created to be your “hearing companion” as you learn to use your Insio Charge&Go AX. The Signia Assistant can be found exclusively within the Signia App, but it is important enough to get its own description here independent of our description of the app. The Signia Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to learn your preferences over time, adjusting to your personal hearing style and providing the most personal hearing experience possible. The Signia Assistant is inspired by the way the human brain solves challenges and uses its highly developed live deep neural network to develop new listening skills based on the way your hearing functions. Basically, the Signia Assistant learns your preferences and creates a solution tailored to your individual hearing needs. Some of the features that you get with the Signia Assistant include:

  • Availability for both iOS and Android systems
  • Better speech comprehension
  • Settings tailored to your personal preferences along with machine learning that can change intuitively as your preferences change
  • 24/7 support within the app
  • Confidence in your hearing success and control over the process
  • Videos and troubleshooting guides to help you solve any issues that arise with your device.
  • A live deep neural network that can develop new listening skills over time as it learns the way your hearing functions.                d


The Styletto X is not your average, everyday hearing aid, it was designed differently. It is small, sleek, and looks as much like an accessory as it does a hearing aid, and it is that aesthetic that sets it apart. It was the first Slim-RIC hearing aid on the market, and comes in various, stylish colors to complete the modern look.

Acoustic Sensors

A motion sensor is built into the hearing aids so that the device can detect the wearer’s movements using the acoustics of their surroundings. The hearing aids can then process sound according to how and where the wearer is moving and adjust the settings of the device based on all of the information it is processing.

OwnVoice Processing 2.0

Uses split processing to ensure that you hear your voice as naturally as possible. A big complaint with hearing aids is that your own voice and even the sound that you make when you chew food is much different sounding with hearing aids than without them. This technology allows you to hear yourself as naturally as possible.


With TeleCare, you can stay in touch with your audiologist through teleconferencing, text messaging, or phone calls so that you can receive support when you need it. Support available includes the possibility of your hearing care professional connecting to your device remotely and making changes and adjustments as needed. Video learning is also available and your audiologist can suggest the classes that would provide you the most benefit.

Tinnitus Notch Therapy

Signia offers Notch Therapy to help those hearing aid wearers that experience tinnitus. Most tinnitus therapies exist to help lessen the symptoms, usually by introducing a new sound to the environment that can mask the tinnitus sound and effect. This does not treat the issue, it simply makes tinnitus harder to hear. Notch therapy, on the other hand, treats your tinnitus inaudibly, unobtrusively, and with a goal of curing the condition. Simply wear your hearing aids normally and the hearing aids will relegate the sound of tinnitus to the background of your hearing. Eventually your tinnitus will be barely noticeable. This type of therapy has the potential to take away tinnitus completely.


You can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 or more on a set of Signia Styletto X hearing aids. The biggest difference in price comes because there are five different technology levels available with the Styletto X hearing aid. If you get the highest level, the features and price are a lot different than what you find on the lowest. Other factors include where you purchase the device, the level of service you need, and the accessories and model that you buy.


  • How much does the Styletto X cost?

You can expect to pay around $1,500 to $3,000 per device depending on the technology and the seller. The Mini-RIC design is a brand new design concept, and the features and rechargeability of the hearing aids make them desirable and also more expensive than many of the hearing aids out there. The cost of the devices are difficult to pinpoint exactly because of how many variables go into it.

  • Which manufacturer makes the Styletto X hearing aid?

The Styletto X is the third generation of Styletto hearing aids designed and manufactured by Signia. Signia is a part of the world’s largest hearing aid conglomerate, so it has a team of designers and engineers coming up with new technology and optimizing existing hearing aid technology every day. 

  • What is a “Styletto” hearing aid?

The Styletto line of hearing aids is advertised by Signia as 

  • How quickly does the Signia Styletto X receive a full charge and how long does the charge last?

It only takes approximately three hours for the Styletto X to receive a full charge and it can stay charged for up to 19 hours per day depending on your listening and streaming habits. All Styletto X hearing aids are rechargeable which most hearing aid wearers prefer because you can charge them in at night and then go all day without thinking about them again.

The Styletto X is a high-quality device with great sound quality and speech recognition features, but that is not what sets it apart. The thing that sets the Styletto X apart from other, similar hearing aids is its style. The Styletto X, much like the shoe after which it gets its name, is built for style. It is thin and sleek so that it looks great and it comes in different colors depending on your preference. You wear your hearing aid every day, so in a sense it is a part of who you are, and you should be able to choose a device that looks as good as it performs. The Signia Styletto X provides you with this option.

Dr. Rebekah Tripp

Rebekah completed her Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. She is a licensed audiologist in the State of Tennessee and a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. She thrives on providing people with the best hearing healthcare available. You can find Rebekah at Choice Audiology, TN.
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Dr. Rebekah Tripp

Rebekah completed her Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. She is a licensed audiologist in the State of Tennessee and a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. She thrives on providing people with the best hearing healthcare available. You can find Rebekah at Choice Audiology, TN.
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