Signia Insio Charge&Go AX Review

Signia, the creator of the Insio Charge&Go AX, is owned and operated by WS Audiology, the largest hearing aid conglomerate in the world. WS Audiology also owns other hearing aid companies such as Widex and TruHearing. Signia is known for quality, pioneering technology, and feature-rich hearing aids. When the company was known as Siemens, prior to 2015, they were the first to develop hearing aids with directional microphones and wireless, ear-to-ear technology, and Signia continues to be a market leader in hearing aid technology.

The Insio Charge&Go AX is a line of hearing aids that features Signia’s “Augmented Xperience” (AX) platform. The AX platform uses two separate processors so that one can be dedicated to processing ambient noises while the other is freed up to focus on processing speech. Prior to sending the processed sound to your ears, your hearing aids combine the speech with the background noise so that you hear both together while placing more amplification on speech sounds based on your hearing preferences. Your hearing aids learn your hearing preferences over time by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The following is a description and review of the Signia Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aids.

Things to Consider Before Buying

With any hearing aid, there are pros and cons to the Insio Charge&Go AX. If you are looking for a hearing aid that is high in technology and gives you a natural listening experience both with voices and background noise, the Insio Charge&Go AX could be the device for you. It connects directly to most iPhones and to Android devices, even offering hands-free calling to iPhones with certain IOS installed. The “AX” stands for Augmented Xperience, and it is with this technology that the hearing aids separate speech from ambient noises and then combine those sounds in a way personalized to your hearing preferences. The vast majority of people who have tried this technology report that it improves their speech understanding in noise, but by sending both the speech and ambient sounds together, you get a better understanding and feel for the entirety of your listening environment. You also get high quality, rechargeable batteries with a charger that does not rely on contacts so that as long as your hearing aids end up inside the charger, they will charge. Each Insio Charge&Go is custom fit to your ear and are In-The-Ear (ITE) devices that are discreet and comfortable. 


  • They are custom fitted and tailored to the shape of your ear canal so that they sit discreetly inside your ear.
  • There are 2 processors, one of which processes speech while the other processes ambient noise. After processing, the sounds are combined so that you are able to hear everything at once.
  • They are rechargeable.
  • The AX platform is one of the most technologically advanced on the market.
  • The Signia app is both easy to use and robust. 
  • Within the app you will find a Signia Assistant that will help you get the most out of your hearing aids.
  • OwnVoice processing 2.0 helps the sound of your own voice or when you are chewing to sound as natural as possible.
  • Contactless charging helps to ensure you always wake up with a full charge on your hearing aid battery.
  • The Bluetooth technology lets you connect to almost any modern smartphone as well as other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Hands-free calling is available with a direct connection to an iPhone.
  • The streaming capability is both high in quality and readily accessible.


  • Only ITE style is available, so if you want something bigger or you prefer Behind-The-Ear (BTE) you have to go elsewhere.
  • The higher technology models run close to or more than $5,000 and even the lower end devices are on the expensive side.

Features & Benefits of each model

Design/Type of Hearing Aid and Level of Hearing Loss

All Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aids are ITE hearing aids that sit discreetly inside your ear canal. They are all made to be as discreet as possible and custom made for the size and shape of each wearer’s ear. There is a model suitable for almost every level of hearing loss from mild to profound.

Fit and Wearability

Each Insio Charge&Go AX is custom fit to the size and shape of your ear. They are all ITE hearing aids that are designed to sit inside your ear canal making them comfortable and allowing them to combine natural hearing with processed sounds. When your audiologist fits you for these they are customized to your ear physically and in terms of the features and settings.


  • Battery

There are no disposable battery options with the Charge&Go AX, every model is rechargeable. On a full charge the battery will last up to 20 hours depending on how much connectivity and streaming you do with them. The contactless charging system is great because as long as your hearing aids end up inside the charger they will charge, and you do not have to worry about getting them on the contacts each time.

  • Sound quality
    • Directionality

The e2e wireless 4.0 gives you better binaural hearing by synchronizing the sounds between your ears. This leads to better speech processing because you can pinpoint the direction and origin of sounds. 

  • Adaptability

Since every Insio Charge&GO AX is custom fit, most wearers will find them easy to adapt to. With OwnVoice processing 2.0, your own voice sounds natural and with the AX platform you hear both ambient noise and speech together after being processed separately so that you can hear your entire soundscape while focusing on speech specifically. All of these things add up to a natural listening experience and easy adaptability.

  • Adaptive noise reduction

The Auto EchoShield automatically gives you real-time, automatic echo adjustments and reductions in halls, large rooms with a lot of noise, and other places where echoing can be a problem.

  • Automatic sound adjustment based on environment

The Insio Charge&Go uses machine learning and AI to learn what settings you prefer in different environments. As your hearing aids learn your particular sound preferences, they can automatically adjust to whatever environment you are in.

  • Streaming

You can stream stereo-quality sound from almost any Bluetooth electronic device to your Insio Charge&Go AX. You do not need an extra accessory or device because your hearing aid was created to connect directly through Bluetooth technology. A direct connection gives you better quality sound, more consistent streaming, and the ability to connect when and where you want without the need for anything else.

AI Features

The Signia Assistant feature in the Signia app features machine learning which uses AI to learn your personal hearing preferences. There is also a “hearing test” function that helps your device learn more about how you hear and what your preferences are. These AI features allow your hearing aids to learn to become better the longer that you have them.

Unique Perks and Features

Bluetooth Connectivity 

You can connect to almost any iPhone with an updated IOS and most Android devices as well through BlueTooth technology. With Bluetooth, you do not have to worry about the same connectivity issues that you do when connecting wifi. You get almost universal connectivity to any device that is Bluetooth-enabled.

Signia App

As opposed to other hearing aid manufacturers that offer multiple apps to handle different accessories and aspects of the hearing aid, the Signia app covers every Signia device in one place. With the Signia app, you can control your hearing aids from your own smartphone so that you can enjoy everything that they can do. Some of the features available on the app include control over audio streaming, a remote control to adjust the volume or fix the settings, and access to remote support to fix any issues you may have. It is easy to use and most importantly, when you have your smartphone, you also have access to every feature of the Signia App. You have access to the Signia Assistant, which is described below, and you can connect to other devices and stream audio all from your phone. With the Signia app you get: 

  • Remote control over the volume, settings, and features of your hearing aid
  • Face Mask mode which makes it easier to communicate with people in environments where face masks are being worn
  • Management of connectivity and streaming features
  • The ability to schedule and attend virtual hearing appointments and to receive support from your hearing care professional
  • The ability to take “hearing lessons”at your own pace, focussing on how to hear more effectively with your hearing aids

The Signia app is another way to take control of your hearing experience and personalize your hearing aids in a way that works for you. This app is very easy to use, intuitive in its features and function, and thorough. It covers all remote control aspects of your hearing experience. 

Signia Assistant 

The Signia Assistant, like the name suggests, was created to be your “hearing companion” as you learn to use your Insio Charge&Go AX. The Signia Assistant can be found exclusively within the Signia App, but it is important enough to get its own description here independent of our description of the app. The Signia Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to learn your preferences over time, adjusting to your personal hearing style and providing the most personal hearing experience possible. The Signia Assistant is inspired by the way the human brain solves challenges and uses its highly developed live deep neural network to develop new listening skills based on the way your hearing functions. Basically, the Signia Assistant learns your preferences and creates a solution tailored to your individual hearing needs. Some of the features that you get with the Signia Assistant include:

  • Availability for both iOS and Android systems
  • Better speech comprehension
  • Settings tailored to your personal preferences along with machine learning that can change intuitively as your preferences change
  • 24/7 support within the app
  • Confidence in your hearing success and control over the process
  • Videos and troubleshooting guides to help you solve any issues that arise with your device.
  • A live deep neural network that can develop new listening skills over time as it learns the way your hearing functions.

Augmented Xperience Platform

The Augmented Xperience Platform is Signia’s highest hearing aid technology. The platform uses Augmented Focus™ to offer you their best listening experience. The Augmented Xperience Platform uses two separate processors: one for focused sounds like speech and the other for background and ambient noise. This system provides better speech understanding and removes the struggle that many hearing aid wearers have in discerning speech over background noise.

OwnVoice Processing 2.0

Uses split processing to ensure that you hear your voice as naturally as possible. A big complaint with hearing aids is that your own voice and even the sound that you make when you chew food is much different sounding with hearing aids than without them. This technology allows you to hear yourself as naturally as possible.

Contactless Charging

The Insio Charge&Go AX Charger is the first contactless charger for custom hearing aids. All you have to do is place your hearing aids inside the charger without worrying about a charging contact. The charger is very small, very portable, and very easy to use. You can charge your device at home or on the go. A full charge gives you up to 20 hours of use.

Signia offers Notch Therapy to help those hearing aid wearers that experience tinnitus. Most tinnitus therapies exist to help lessen the symptoms, usually by introducing a new sound to the environment that can mask the tinnitus sound and effect. This does not treat the issue, it simply makes tinnitus harder to hear. Notch therapy, on the other hand, treats your tinnitus inaudibly, unobtrusively, and with a goal of curing the condition. Simply wear your hearing aids normally and the hearing aids will relegate the sound of tinnitus to the background of your hearing. Eventually your tinnitus will be barely noticeable. This type of therapy has the potential to take away tinnitus completely.


With three different technology levels and a difference in price depending on where you purchase your hearing aids, it is impossible to pinpoint an exact price for the Insio Charge&Go AX. You can expect, however, to pay around $1,200 per ear for the lowest technology and closer to $2,300 as a starting point for the higher technology models. The price can go up and down considerably depending on the amount of service you get, the accessories that you purchase, and the place where you purchase your hearing aid.


  • How long does it take the Insio Charge&Go to charge?

You can give it a quick charge for 30 minutes that will give you around 6 hours of listening time. However, if you want a full charge so that your hearing aid will be powered for up to 20 hours, you need to charge it for at least 4 hours and preferably you would just charge it overnight while you were sleeping. 

  • Can I leave my hearing aid charger plugged in all of the time?

Yes. There is no reason to unplug your hearing aid charger, even if your hearing aids are completely charged. You should make sure your Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aids are clean and free of debris prior to putting them in the charger, but keeping your charger plugged in actually helps your hearing aid’s batteries. Having them sitting outside of the charger or in a case not being charged will actually shorten the battery life more than keeping them plugged in will.

  • How long do Insio Charge&Go batteries last?

On a full charge, you should get up to 20 hours of use with the Insio Charge&Go hearing aid. It could be a little longer or a little shorter depending on how much streaming you do, the intensity of your hearing loss, and the amount of time that your hearing aid is connected to another device. With the Insio Charge&Go, if you charge the device while you sleep, you will not need to charge it again until you get in bed the next night.

  • How often should I charge my hearing aid?

You can charge your Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aid any time that you are not wearing it. Keeping it on the charger even when it is fully charged will not affect your battery life and it will certainly not shorten the lifespan of the battery. You should definitely charge your device every night when you go to bed, but if there are other times that you are not wearing them throughout the day and your charger is available, that is the best place for them.

The Insio Charge&Go AX is one of the most technologically advanced hearing aids in the Signia lineup. They are so small that they are almost imperceptible to the outside world yet they are still powerful enough to handle people with profound hearing loss. If you want a small, almost invisible hearing aid with great connectivity and advanced features that allow you to hear speech clearer while also giving you access to ambient noise, then the Charge&Go could be a great option for you. You will find the AX platform gives you good sound quality with the connectivity and speech clarity that allows you to hear important conversations, even in a crowd. It is one of the most technologically advanced Signia hearing aids that give you one of the most natural listening experiences offered by a hearing aid.

Dr. Meg Kalady

Meg has been practicing audiology for the last 30 years. She received her doctorate in audiology in 2012 from AT Still University. She is board certified in audiology by the American Board of Audiology and licensed in South Carolina and is a Dr. Cliff Au.D. Approved Provider. You can find Meg at Kalady Audiology, SC.
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Dr. Meg Kalady

Meg has been practicing audiology for the last 30 years. She received her doctorate in audiology in 2012 from AT Still University. She is board certified in audiology by the American Board of Audiology and licensed in South Carolina and is a Dr. Cliff Au.D. Approved Provider. You can find Meg at Kalady Audiology, SC.
Table of Contents