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Dr. Meg Kalady







Dr. Meg Kalady is from the Philadelphia suburbs and has been practicing audiology for the last 30 years. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, and she received her doctorate in audiology in 2012 from AT Still University.

Dr. Kalady is board certified in audiology by the American Board of Audiology, a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, and the South Carolina Academy of Audiology. She is licensed in South Carolina and is a Dr. Cliff Au.D. Approved Provider.

“I have traveled to China three times. Each time, we added to our family through adoption. While preparing for the trips, we did manage to learn (we thought) some of the language. We quickly learned that we were wholly dependent on our guides and translators for communication. I experienced that feeling of isolation from being unable to understand what others were saying, and misunderstandings arose. Even though we prepared, we still experienced strain, feelings of inadequacy, and even anger because of not ‘hearing’ or understanding what others around us were saying. This has stayed with me as I counsel patients about the emotional aspects of living with hearing impairment, and it reinforces my desire to provide the best solutions for my patients’ communication needs.”

Dr. Kalady relocated to Beaufort to realize her dream of working in private practice. She is joined by her husband, Mark, and daughters Molly (Hooyah!) Madelyn (Roll Tide!), and Maeve (Beaufort Academy). Everyone has made them feel welcome!

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