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Lyric Hearing

Lyric is the only hearing device option that is an invisible extended wear hearing aid worn 24 hours a day. The Lyric hearing device is placed deep into the patient’s ear by a certified Lyric provider after measuring the length and diameter of the ear. The device  stays in the patient’s ear for an average of 6-8 weeks. The patient sleeps, showers and does all their daily activities with the Lyric device in place. The patient does not need to insert or remove the device every day and no battery changes are needed. The patient returns to the audiologist every 6-8 weeks for a change out. The audiologist removes the Lyric device, cleans out the ear canal and replaces  the device for a new cycle of wear. 

Lyric hearing devices are a top choice for patients that want a 100% invisible style. Lyric makes use of the ear’s natural anatomy to deliver a clear natural sound. The device is made from a soft spongy material for comfortable wear deep in the ear canal. Lyric is a great choice for patients who want hearing 24/7, who are active, and who want to talk on the phone  normally without worry of feedback. Lyric is often used for patients with tinnitus as it works well for 24/7 stimulation.  For patients worried about wearing masks and losing their hearing aids, Lyric has proved to be a hassle-free option. Lyric patients love that they are able to forget they are wearing a hearing device.  Lyric allows them the freedom of 24/7 hearing, no hassle with batteries or supplies, and most importantly an excellent sound quality.

What Does A Lyric Subscription Cover?

A Lyric subscription duration is 12 months and covers 12 Lyric devices per ear to be used during that time period. The cost covers the hearing devices needed for the yearly subscription as well as the service provided by the certified Lyric provider for Lyric change outs, checkups, and adjustments.  These are all done at an authorized Lyric office.  Occasionally an additional service such as wax removal may be recommended.

Lyric Hearing Aids FAQ:

Can I purchase Lyric without a subscription?

Lyrics are purchased as a subscription model only. Once a patient has worn the device for the 6-8 week period and it is removed by the Lyric provider, it is thrown out. A used Lyric has a rundown battery and wax exposure. A new device is then placed in the patient’s ear. The patient may renew the subscription at the end of the year.

How do I get help with my Lyric if I am out of town?

If your Lyric device needs service while visiting the Charlotte North Carolina area, Birkdale Audiology is happy to see tourist patients. One advantage of Lyric is the patient’s programming and sizing information is stored on the Lyric cloud system and can be accessed by any certified Lyric provider.  Therefore, you can seek out a Lyric provider near your travel destination for assistance with your device.

Do I have to return to my Certified Lyric Provider each time I want a new device? 

A visit to your Lyric provider is needed for your regular change outs. Patients are unable to remove the Lyric device on their own and then reinsert it. This is because measurements are required to identify a safe distance from the eardrum for proper placement of the Lyric device. These measurements are conducted by an audiologist.

The change out appointments are generally quick.  During the 15 minute appointment, the current Lyric device is removed and inspected.  The ear canal is also cleaned of wax and debris. A clean ear canal is needed for reinsertion to ensure both quality hearing as well as health of the ear canal. The new Lyric devices can then be placed by the Lyric professional who has been trained in proper measurement and placement methods.

How much does a Lyric hearing aid cost?

Due to the disposable nature of Lyric devices and the need for regular device replacements, Lyric runs on a subscription model only.   A renewal discount is often offered for patients renewing yearly. A 30-day trial period is provided to ensure Lyric is a comfortable fit for the patient.

Authorized Lyric Hearing Aid Provider

As a certified Lyric provider for over 10 years, I find Lyric appeals to several different populations for a variety of reasons. Some Lyric patients are older, with limited dexterity, and find regular daily wear hearing devices too difficult to insert and care for. Lyric has been amazing for these patients who worried they would have to give up improved hearing due to their mobility.

Lyric has also been very appealing for younger patients concerned with the look of a behind the ear hearing aid or those whose ears do not work well for custom in the ear options. Lyric is the most invisible hearing device option and has the bonus of not getting tangled in masks or glasses behind the ear.

Lyric has been the best option for patients who work in a medical setting and regularly use a stethoscope.  Most other hearing devices make the use of a stethoscope very difficult.

Lyric patients report wearing Lyric devices allows them the freedom to forget they have hearing loss and are wearing a hearing aid. Long term hearing aid users report Lyric has an amazing clear sound quality compared to other hearing devices. This is often due to the position of Lyric relative to the eardrum enabling the Lyric device to use the ear’s anatomy to provide a great natural sound quality.

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