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Signia Silk X Review

Overview Signia is one of the most well-known hearing aid brands in the world and is owned by WS Audiology, the largest hearing aid conglomerate in the world. Prior to 2015, Signia was known as

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Are Rechargeable Hearing Aids For You?

There are many hearing aid options available for today’s consumer.  With such an array of available technologies, it can be difficult to know what style of hearing aids to choose.  Several factors should be used

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Noopl Review

Things to consider before purchasing: This is not a hearing aid, nor is it an over-the-counter amplifier.  For users who are not yet ready for hearing aids, this product is designed to help hear conversations

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Sontro Hearing Aid Review

Sontro Hearing Aids have been designed to be sold over-the-counter, once the FDA’s regulations are finalized. The cost is $999.00. They connect via Bluetooth to the otoTune app, which administers a “clinically-validated” hearing test to

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What Are The Types Of Hearing Aid Batteries?

Hearing aids are powered by either disposable or rechargeable batteries.  Disposable, or zinc-air batteries, have a sticker or tab covering the flat side of the battery. Removing the sticker allows oxygen to enter the battery

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What Are Directional Microphones?

The directional microphone is one of the most important elements of a hearing aid today. One of the biggest issues faced by people who suffer from hearing loss is the ability to separate speech from

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