Widex UNIQUE Review

Widex has been designing and manufacturing hearing aids for more than 60 years and they continue to be one of the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Widex developed the first digital In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aid in 1995, the first hearing aid designed for babies in 2010, the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) hearing aid model with real-time machine learning in 2018, and continues to push the envelope of design and technology. Currently, Widex PureSound with ZeroDelay technology is the company’s best technology and is helping to provide one of the purest listening experiences possible. Widex does not sell direct-to-consumer, but your local audiologist will be able to guide you to the right Widex hearing aid for your hearing loss.

The Widex Unique line of hearing aids offer very fast processing speeds, access to the highest range of sounds on the market, and a personalized hearing experience based on your hearing loss and your environment. The Unique line of hearing aids has both ITE and Behind-The-Ear (BTE) options, multiple colors, and a lot of custom fit options so that anyone in the market for a hearing aid will be able to find what they need. The Widex Unique was created to produce the purest sound available in a hearing aid, and the features and technology available prove it. The following is a description and review of the Unique line of hearing aids. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

Widex Unique features one of the widest dynamic ranges in the industry. In fact, the Unique can process sounds between 5dB and 113 dB which means that you will have access to a range of sounds that most hearing aids do not offer. Widex Unique comes in all four of Widex’s technology levels, with the 440 level being the highest. There is no rechargeable option in the Unique line of hearing aids, you would have to upgrade to the Evoke or Moment for that. Unique is Widex’s largest line of hearing aids and you can choose from styles ranging from their smallest, most discreet ITE hearing aid to a number of BTE hearing aids. The Widex Unique picks up a lot of sounds because of the wide dynamic range, but they also do a great job of ensuring that only the sounds relevant to the user are processed and sent to the speaker. With incredibly high processing speeds and great adaptability, the Widex Unique gives you one of the purest sounds in the hearing aid market.


  • One of the widest dynamic ranges of any hearing aid out there, and they can handle that range of sounds without corrupting the incoming signal.
  • If you live in a windy environment, the wind noise attenuation system is one of the best at reducing the amount of wind you hear.
  • The Soft Level Noise Reduction system reduces the soft noises that users do not want to hear and accentuates the ones that they do.
  • Sound Class technology separates listening environments into “sound classes” and then automatically adjusts settings for those classes.
  • Can process sounds as low as 5dB and as high as 113dB.
  • Widex PureSound with ZeroDelay technology.
  • A great lineup of accessories.
  • The hearing aids automatically adjust to your environment.
  • InterEar technology allows your hearing aids to communicate with one another and work together for the best sound quality possible.
  • Great noise reduction features.
  • Only the sounds relevant to you are processed.


  • No rechargeable options.
  • It is almost as expensive as the other high-end Widex offerings while missing features like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a “Unique” specific app.
  • Limited app capabilities compared to other high-end hearing aids.

Features & Benefits 

  • Design/type of hearing aid

Unique is Widex’s largest line of hearing aids with multiple style, power, and color options from which to choose. The Unique line of hearing aids can serve patients with mild to severe hearing loss, and the Unique options are as follows:

  • Unique Fashion (BTE)

A powerful but aesthetically pleasing option, you get the power of a traditional BTE hearing aid but with the looks and discretion of a smaller model.

  • Fashion Power

Made like the Fashion BTE but specifically for those suffering from severe to profound hearing loss.

  • Fashion Mini

A slightly smaller version of the Fashion BTE with most of the same features.

  • Unique Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC)

A very small and discreet option, the CIC is one of the best sounding hearing aids that Widex offers. All of the high-end features available for the Unique line are available in this style.

  • CIC Micro

This is the smallest, most discreet hearing aid that Widex makes and is also one of the most powerful. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss and want an undetectable hearing aid, this is a great place to look.

  • XP

The XP, while not as discreet as the first two ITE options, is very small and built specifically for people who want a great combination of power and ease-of-use.

  • Custom ITE

These hearing aids are customized for each individual and are some of the most comfortable option because they fit perfectly in your ear.

  • Unique Fusion

One of the most flexible Widex options, you get 3 receivers, custom mold options, and the ability to handle virtually any level of hearing loss effectively.

  • Unique Passion

One of the smallest Receiver-In-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aids on the market, you get outstanding power and quality in a discreet and attractive device.

  • Fit and Wearability

Unique features a Custom ITE option as well as multiple models with custom earmoulds available. If you are looking for a combination of comfort and discretion, some of the BTE models sit perfectly behind your ear and in a size

  • Performance
    • Battery

The Widex Unique does not have a rechargeable battery option, but some of the models include some really long lasting battery options. In fact, the Fashion Power hearing aid has batteries that can last as long as 280 hours or 12 days of continuous use. The CIC models, on the other hand, last only about 95 hours so you have to change the batteries on a pretty consistent basis. Rechargeable hearing aids continue to grow in popularity due to convenience and the peace-of-mind that you will never lose power if you charge them regularly.

  • Sound quality

The sound quality produced by any Widex hearing aid continues to be a strength for the device because of PureSound and other features. Below are some of the ways that the Widex Unique produces a natural and pure listening experience.

  • Directionality

Features a “High Definition Locator” that uses multiple microphones to pinpoint the origin of sound. It is this directionality that helps the hearing aid focus on the most important sounds in your environment.

  • Wide Dynamic Range

The Widex Unique hearing aids feature one of the widest dynamic ranges in the industry accessing a range of sounds from 5dB to 113dB.

  • PureSound

The Widex website describes “PureSound” with ZeroDelay technology as “The essence of the Widex sound philosophy.” One of the reasons that hearing aid sound is not as natural as it could be is because by the time the sound is processed by your device and sent to your ear, there is a delay between the natural and processed sound. PureSound processes sound so quickly that what you can hear naturally and what you hear in your device occur at virtually the same time, leading to a more natural listening experience.

  • Noise cancellation

Every model and every technology level has a noise cancellation feature, the higher technology levels can cancel out more noise at different frequencies.

  • Adaptive noise reduction

The noise reduction features include the Wind Noise Attenuation System and Soft Level Noise Reduction. The Wind Noise Attenuation System allows wearers to hear clearly no matter how windy the conditions become. The Soft Level Noise Reduction System reduces the soft noises that users do not want to hear and accentuates the ones that they do.

  • Automatic sound adjustment based on environment

The Widex Unique “Sound Class” technology separates listening environments into 9 different “sound classes.” The technology searches for specific characteristics in the incoming sounds of your environment and uses thost characteristics to classify your environment into one of the nine sound clases. Within each class, a specific set of features and technology is used to offer you the best listening experience possible. 

  • Streaming

For streaming purposes, you will need one of the accessories mentioned below as there is no natural streaming directly from the device.

  • Accessories
    • COM-DEX

The Com-Dex is a small, wireless “rebroadcaster” worn around your neck that accepts Bluetooth signals. When you are wearing it, you can hear the Bluetooth signals in both ears giving you hands-free calling capability because the device picks up your voice as well. You can also place the device on someone else’s shirt and hear everything they say clearly, even in a crowd.

  • RC-DEX

Essentially a remote for your Widex hearing aids that allows you to control volume and program settings. While the same functionality is available in the Widex apps, some people do not have a smartphone or prefer the small size of this remote.

  • Perfect Lux Hearing Aid Dryer

A full cleaning solution where all you have to do is place your hearing aids in the box, push a button, and the dryer will clean and dry your hearing aids while you go about your business. Consistently cleaning and drying your hearing aids will lead to better overall care and performance along with fewer repairs.

  • M-DEX

Offers wireless connectivity between your phone and hearing aids which essentially turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset.


Plug the mini-jack cable of the UNI-DEX into your smartphone and hang the UNI-DEX around your neck and you have immediate connectivity with your iPhone or Android.

  • TV-DEX

The TV-Dex base connects to your television and audio output.  It transmits to a pendant that you wear around your neck. The base sends wireless signals to the pendant which is connected through BlueTooth to your hearing aids.

Unique Perks and Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity 

Your hearing aids can be Bluetooth enabled and connect to other Bluetooth devices with the accessories listed above.

  • Available Apps

For the Evoke and Moment lines of Widex hearing aids, you will find line-specific apps that offer more features and functionality than what you get with the ToneLink app. Features like machine learning, Sound Sense, and other app specific technology add a lot both to the functionality and ease-of-use for the machine.

  • ToneLink App

This app eliminates the need for a remote control or any other type of assisting device. The functions of this app include program selection, volume adjustment, mute and user-selected directional focus. If you have an iPhone or Android device, you can use this app to make adjustments to key functions without ever touching your hearing aid.

  •  Remote Care App

With this app you can connect to a hearing professional that can make adjustments, troubleshoot, and help with any issues you are facing with your Unique hearing aids. The representative can actually take control of your device through connectivity of the app and make adjustments without even being physically present.

The Widex Zen therapy feature is helpful in combating the effects of tinnitus that many hearing aid wearers experience. It uses relaxation, sounds/noises, fractal tones, counseling, and amplification to help fight against the stress and sleep difficulties that come with tinnitus.


The cost of Widex Unique hearing aids will depend on which style, technology level, and design you choose. The more features and higher level of technology you choose, the more expensive it will be. The cost will also vary greatly depending on where you choose to purchase them and the level of care you receive from your provider. We would highly suggest you visit an audiologist so that they can help you choose the correct device for your level of hearing loss and so that they can set your device up for optimal operation. The cost can vary greatly, but you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,500 depending on what you ultimately choose.


  • When did Widex Unique come out?

The Unique line was introduced in October of 2015 with four stated principles:

  1. Capture everything.
  2. Purify all.
  3. Process seamlessly
  4. Sacrifice nothing.
  • Which brand of hearing aid is best?

Every hearing aid has specific pluses and minuses based on their core values, features, and technology. While there is no brand that is the definitive “best” brand of hearing aids, there are a few that set themselves apart from the rest, and Widex is definitely one of those.

  • How long does a Widex Unique hearing aid last?

Many of the devices in the Unique line come with a 2 or 3 year warranty. How long they last depends primarily on how well you care for them. WIth normal care you can expect them to last at least 3 years and as many as 7 or more.

  • What is the strongest hearing aid on the market?

While there are different forms and types of power, a lot of people consider the Oticon Xceed to be the strongest hearing aid on the market. As far as the Unique line goes, the Fashion Power hearing aid is probably the strongest.

Widex produces some of the best hearing aids on the market, and their Unique line has been around for a long time and produced some great features and technology. It is the largest line of the Widex hearing aid brand and includes a wide array of styles, colors, and features. The ultra fast processing speeds combined with the access to a 108dB of sound gives you a very realistic listening experience with a pure sound. Widex has a couple of models that are more technologically advanced and more expensive, but for the value and features available the Widex Unique is as good or better than any.

Dr. Yasmin Battat

Yasmin earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Hofstra University and her Doctorate degree at Salus University. Dr. Battat is licensed through the State of New Jersey. You can find Yasmin at Oracle Hearing Center, NJ.
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Dr. Yasmin Battat

Yasmin earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Hofstra University and her Doctorate degree at Salus University. Dr. Battat is licensed through the State of New Jersey. You can find Yasmin at Oracle Hearing Center, NJ.
Table of Contents