Widex MOMENT Review

Widex is a Danish company that was founded in 1956 and can be found in over 100 countries worldwide. Widex remains a family-owned company and is proud to have a 10% market share of hearing aids sold worldwide. It is well-known in the hearing aid industry for quality and the people that use Widex hearing aids tend to be loyal customers, purchasing them again and again.

The Widex Moment was built in response to a perceived problem in hearing aid sound quality: unnatural sound. The technology and features found in the Widex Moment are geared toward high-quality, natural sound. The Moment is a Bluetooth-connected hearing aid that focuses on providing the best in sound quality while maintaining a small profile and a light package. The quality of the sound produced can be compared to what is found in a pair of high-end headphones no matter if you are streaming music or holding a conversation in a loud room. The following review will show that the Widex Moment is one of the most technologically advanced hearing aids available and produces one of the most natural listening experiences possible.

Details to Consider Before Buying

The Widex Moment uses Bluetooth-powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to offer a personalized and natural listening experience. The focus of this hearing aid is sound quality and they are an industry standard. The dual processor is able to obtain sound from the receiver to the microphone in about 0.5 milliseconds, a virtually imperceivable time difference. The quality of the sound is comparable to what you find in high end headphones partly because of the processing speed and AI, but also because they are designed with quality. They are a pricey option and the charging leaves a little to be desired, but if you are looking for a high quality device that gives you a great listening experience, the Widex Moment should definitely be a consideration. 


  • The sound quality is one of the best in the industry
  • Little to no echo
  • They are very easy to use, the phrase “set and forget” definitely applies to the Widex Moment
  • The Moment app allows you to control the device from your smartphone
  • Very lightweight and small – certain styles are not very noticeable
  • Rechargeable and battery powered options
  • Good tinnitus features if you struggle with ringing in your ears
  • Great Bluetooth and streaming options
  • A dual processor gives you some of the highest processing speeds on the market
  • Widex expanded their telehealth capabilities so that it is easier to meet with an audiologist while allowing them to change the settings on your device remotely
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning so that your listening experience is personalized and so that your hearing aids continue to learn how to operate for you in different environments
  • There is virtually no delay between receiving the sound, processing it, and getting it to the microphone. This lack of delay eliminates a great deal of the artificial sound needed to fill that time and replaces it with a very natural sounding listening experience
  • Eliminates the “out of sync” feeling that wearers who struggle with slight to moderate hearing loss often deal with. Basically, what you hear in your hearing aids matches what you hear in real life


  • You have to reach out to an authorized retailer to find prices
  • No lid on the charging station and no magnet to hold the earpiece in when charging
  • The BlueTooth technology has a tendency to cut in and out
  • It takes about 4 hours to charge completely, and if you do much streaming they may only last 16 hours on a charge

Features & Benefits 

  • PureSound and ZeroDelay Technologies

One issue that many hearing aids have not overcome is the delay between when natural sound hits your ear and when the processed sound comes through your microphone. For people who have only mild hearing loss this can be a very annoying phenomenon as you can hear natural sound in your ear followed immediately by the same sound in your earpiece. The ZeroDelay technology provides some of the fastest processing speed available. It can process sound and have it out of the microphone in about 0.5 milliseconds which is imperceptible by human ears. With PureSound and ZeroDelay you get a fast and natural listening experience causing even hearing your own voice to sound more natural.

  • Ease of Use

If you wear hearing aids, you want them to be simple to use. Turning your device on and off, getting it comfortable in your ear, and finding the right setting should all be easy to do.  One aspect of this simplicity is the Whisper App which gives you great control from the comfort of your own smartphone. Further details about this app will be provided later in this article.  However, the most important detail to note is that you are able to just “set them and forget them.” They fit in your ear well, they are very small, and you can control them easily with the app or other accessory so once you pop them in, you can almost forget you are wearing hearing aids.

  • Moment App

With today’s smartphone technology, virtually every hearing aid company also has an app that goes along with it. The Moment App allows you to control the settings on your hearing aid from your iphone or android device. One of the best, and more exclusive features is the “SoundSense Learn” feature on the front screen of the app. This feature is discussed below, but it goes one step farther than simply allowing you to control the features of your hearing aid, it actually allows you to teach your hearing aid to work better. You can also name your favorite programs and settings so that you can easily find what works best for you without too much extra work. The Moment App is available with the mRIC model and the RIC 312 model while the other models will use the ToneLink app that gives you more basic volume and settings features.

  • SoundSense Learn

This feature is important because it is on the front screen of your Moment app and it is a way for you to teach your hearing aid how to work best for you no matter the situation. When you open your app, you will find a section that allows you to listen to two different sound profiles and choose, by pressing either “A” or “B,” which one suits you better. Over time, as you use this feature regularly, the Widex Moment will begin to learn which sound profiles are best for you and adjust accordingly without any work on your part. 

  • Sound Quality

This hearing aid is known for its sound quality. The PureSound and ZeroDelay technologies make the sound really natural and the quality ear pieces give you the type of stereo-like sound usually reserved for high end headphones. This sound quality is especially noticeable when you are streaming music or television via Bluetooth.

  • TeleHealth

Generally speaking, the world of TeleHealth has improved dramatically due to the COVID pandemic and many people’s inability to visit a doctor in person over the past two years. As COVID numbers continue to decline, it is best to visit an audiologist in person when being fitted for hearing aids. However, Widex did capitalize on the opportunity to improve their TeleHealth capabilities by offering “Remote Link” which allows a hearing specialist to connect remotely for a live video appointment. During this appointment the hearing specialist has the ability to adjust the settings of their patient’s hearing aids as if they were in the room with them. This service works through the Remote Care App and can be used with your iPhone or Android device. With this feature, you are sent your hearing aids along with a link to the app and appointment through the mail. You then pair your hearing aids to the device that you are using for the appointment, giving the hearing specialist complete access to your hearing aids. While this is not the same and is not as thorough as an in-person appointment, it is a good option if going to the office in-person is not possible.

  • Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is really important when you go out for a walk, run, or bike ride as you need to make sure you can hear cars or other joggers passing by. It is also beneficial if you are listening to music  as you do yard or house work. While washing dishes you may want to still be able to hear your family’s conversation. When you are watching television, you may still want to be able to converse with the people around you. The Moment hearing aids do a great job of allowing ambient noise to pass through without taking away the quality of your music or television watching experience. If this is important to you, the Widex Moment is worth considering. 

Design/Type of Hearing Aid 

You can purchase the Widex Moment in four different styles:

  1.   mRIC

The Moment mRIC is the smallest rechargeable RIC (Receiver-In-the-Canal) hearing aid on the market. It is probably the most impressive hearing aid that Widex manufactures and is well-known industry wide for its natural sound and almost invisible presence. This hearing aid is one of the best and most sought-after in the industry.

  1.   RIC

While technically the same style as the mRIC, the two RIC models are slightly larger while remaining discreet, powerful, and technologically advanced.

  1.   BTE

The Moment BTE offerings are discreet as they sit right outside of your ear and feature the ZeroDelay and PureSound that Widex is known for. There are two different BTE (Behind-the-Ear) models from which to choose.

  1.   ITE

There are three models of the ITE (In-the-Ear) or CIC (Completely in the Canal) model of hearing aid. These all feature normal batteries and sit inside the ear with no connecting device outside of it. They are very discreet yet powerful and easy to control with the Tonelink app.

Widex Moment hearing aids are made for people with a wide range of hearing loss. They are great for people with mild hearing loss because they allow you to hear sounds naturally and through your hearing aid with virtually no delay time. They are also powerful enough to help you if you suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss. It is important to note here that the purpose of the Widex Moment is to create a listening experience that is as close to natural hearing as possible. Therefore those that suffer from profound hearing loss may find that these are not the best hearing aid option.

Fit and Wearability

When it comes to fit and wearability, you want your hearing aid to be comfortable, easy to use, and as unnoticeable as possible. The Widex Moment devices have features that cover all of these. These hearing aids are very small and very lightweight. They are small enough to be inconspicuous but large enough to be handled well. The fact they are so light weight makes them extremely comfortable.  The mRIC, or micro Receiver-In-the-Canal, is one of the smallest mRIC rechargeable hearing aids on the market. If you are looking for an inconspicuous hearing aid with the microphone right in your ear canal, the mRIC Moment is a great choice.

The Widex Moment is offered in multiple styles and all of the earpieces have comfort covers, called speaker domes, that can be made to fit your ear comfortably. They are very easy to pop in and out with very little effort on your part. In addition, the audiologist that fits you when you purchase these hearing aids will help you find the right style both in terms of comfort and sound quality features.  


  • Battery

The battery life of the rechargeable Widex Moment is 20 hours of continuous use on a full charge which takes about 4 hours of charging time. If you stream consistently with your device, however, that battery life could be cut down to as little as 16 hours. There are some models with a regular battery as well, but the majority of people are moving to lithium-ion batteries that can be charged at night to work the next day. The lithium-ion battery in the mRIC model is one of the smallest in the industry so that it is both comfortable and inconspicuous while holding a charge well.

The charger for the mRIC features a sleek design that is small and portable. It does not include a top so you will want to also purchase a carrying case for travel. The charger is perfect to place your hearing aid on at night so that it can charge while you sleep. It features induction charging so there is no need for the hearing aids to be touching the contacts properly. If you forget to charge them one night, there is also a quick charge feature that gives you 4 extra hours of usage time for a 30 minute charge.

The Widex charger comes with a brushed anodized aluminum case that is tough and will last a long time. It also has drop-in charging wells and LED-indicators so that you can see the status of your charge. Lithium-ion batteries continue to improve and get smaller, and Widex continues to take advantage of that technology in their hearing aids. 

  • Sound quality

The Widex Moment offers some of the highest sound quality features on the hearing aid market. Widex’s goal in creating the Moment line of hearing aids was to offer the most natural hearing experience possible and they believe they have done just that. Here are some of the features that directly affect sound quality: 

  • Directionality

With the lowest delay times in the industry, it may seem logical that directionality in the Widex Moment hearing aids would suffer. It does not. Part of the PureSound feature are two omnidirectional microphones in every Moment hearing aid. These microphones bring in sounds from different directions giving more value to the frequencies and sounds right in front of the wearer. The AI algorithms work fast enough to handle the sounds coming in, filter them, and get them to your ear without delay.

  • AI Features

The SoundSense function helps your hearing aids to learn your specific listening preferences, but that is not the only AI feature. The Widex Moment uses AI powered algorithms to quickly work through sounds and send them to your earpiece in a way that you can process and communicate.

  • Adaptability

The SoundSense function offers incredible adaptability as it allows you to systematically choose your favorite of two sound profiles over and over again until your hearing aids “learn” how you listen best and adapt to that learning.

  • Streaming

Moment streams audio direct from smartphones and there are also accessories available to stream television, live events, and other things that are BlueTooth compatible. The best feature is the smartphone streaming as the Widex Moment is compatible with iPhones and Android devices. People who have used these hearing aids compare the quality of music streaming with what you get in high quality headphones.


  • COM-DEX 

A hands-free BlueTooth streaming device that allows you to stream high-quality audio from any mobile phone to your hearing aids. If you have an iPhone, you do not need this accessory, and there are some Android devices that make this obsolete as well. However, the COM-DEX does allow for hands-free calling because you wear it around your neck and it picks up your voice well. There is also an additional COM-DEX remote mic that you can place on someone else’s shirt collar so that you can hold a conversation with that person even in a noisy environment.

  • RC-DEX

The RC-DEX is the toned down version of the COM-DEX. It is a compact remote used to change volume and programs which any smartphone can do with either the Whisper App or Tonelink app. However, if you like a smaller less conspicuous device or do not like to carry a smartphone, this is a great option for controlling your hearing aids.

  • Moment App

The Moment App is described above, but it is a great way to both control your Moment hearing aids and customize them for your hearing needs.

  • Tonelink App

If your phone does not automatically pair to your device or if the Whisper App is not compatible, this is the Widex App for controlling volume and settings on your hearing aids. 

  • TV-DEX

Plug this into the back of your television, and the audio will be streamed directly to your hearing aids. You can set your volume wherever you like it while others watching can set the main tv volume wherever they want without affecting your listening experience. 


If you are looking for the cost of the Widex Moment hearing aid, you will not find it on their website. Widex contracts out with retailers around the world to sell their product with the assistance of a hearing specialist, so the price is dependent on the services offered by the independent retailer before, during, and after the purchase, as well as the model that you choose. 

It is clear, after reading this review, that the Widex Moment is one of the most technologically advanced and high-end hearing aids available. The cost is reflective of this, so you can expect the cost to be on the higher end of the industry average. You may expect to pay around $2,000 for some Moment models while you can pay $4,000 or more for the higher end features. The key is to find a local audiologist who sells the Widex Moment and request pricing at the office.


  • How much does the Widex Moment cost?

The cost of the Widex Moment varies based on model, retailer pricing, and how customized you want the hearing aid to be. Anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 or more is possible.

  • For what levels of hearing loss does the Moment work?

The Widex Moment are most appropriate for people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. They will work if you struggle with profound hearing loss, but that is not the focus of their product or technology and there are other options available that are better for more severe hearing loss.

  • What is the difference between the 330 and 440 Widex Moment hearing aids?

The 440 models are more technologically advanced with 15 frequency bands, 5 programs while the 440 models have 12 frequency bands and 4 programs. These numbers are simply the technological level of the hearing aid with the higher numbers featuring additional technological advances.

  • What is Widex PureSound?

PureSound is the function, along with ZeroDelay, that allows the Widex Moment to process sound without delay and allows you to hear natural sound and the filtered sound in your hearing aid at almost the exact same time… No Delays.

There is a reason that the Widex Moment is one of the most sought after hearing aids on the market. They are comfortable, small, discreet, powerful, and offer one of the most natural listening experiences on the market. Once you put them in your ears in the morning, you can forget about them until it is time to charge them at night. Widex made these hearing aids with a natural listening experience in mind and they delivered with the high quality and comfort that the brand has been known for through the years.

Dr. Katie Gamerl

Katie is the owner of Norfolk Audiology in Nebraska. She earned her Doctorate in Audiology from A.T. Still University. She has over twenty years of clinical audiological experience, specifically with tinnitus and tinnitus treatment options. She is a proud member of Entheos and supports Hearing the Call.
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Dr. Katie Gamerl

Katie is the owner of Norfolk Audiology in Nebraska. She earned her Doctorate in Audiology from A.T. Still University. She has over twenty years of clinical audiological experience, specifically with tinnitus and tinnitus treatment options. She is a proud member of Entheos and supports Hearing the Call.
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