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You’ve seen multiple specialists with no real answers and no lasting relief.  Sound familiar? We understand what you’re going through. Advanced Hearing & Balance Center was established in 1995 and we specialize in hearing and balance disorders for adults and children. We have a world class balance center with advanced diagnostic technology to pinpoint and confirm exactly what’s wrong and the proven protocols to treat it.  At AHBC in Plano & Grapevine, you can find lasting relief and get back to the life you love.

Audiology Services

Hearing Tests, Hearing Evaluations, Aural Rehabilitation, Ear Wax Removal, Central Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment, Tinnitus Treatment, Vertigo Treatment, Pediatric Audiology, Cognitive Screening

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Selection, Hearing Aid Fitting, Hearing Aid Repair, Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Brands

Widex Hearing Aids
Custom Ear Molds Available: Custom Hearing Protection, Custom Earplugs for Swimming, Custom Musician Earplugs