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Do Exercises For Tinnitus Work?

Before talking about exercises for tinnitus, let’s have a brief overview of the condition first. Subjective tinnitus is the most common form of tinnitus. It is when you perceive a sound or noise, but there

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Allergy-Induced Tinnitus

Some people are lucky enough not to have any allergies, while others experience a variety of allergic reactions, like seasonal hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis. The most common symptoms are itchy eyes, a

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Tinnitus in Children

What is tinnitus? Tinnitus is any sound heard in the ears that cannot be explained by an external sound source. Tinnitus most commonly manifests as ringing in the ears but is also often described as

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Understanding Tinnitus and Headaches

Are you experiencing ringing in your ears along with occasional headaches? If you hear any sounds in your head or ears that don’t exist outside of your head, it is called tinnitus. For some, tinnitus

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Which famous people suffer with tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the term used for when a person perceives a sound when no external sound source is present. Many possible causes for tinnitus have been identified. These causes include hearing loss due to aging

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What Is Lenire Tinnitus Treatment?

Introduction to Lenire Lenire tinnitus treatment is an innovative, non-invasive medical device developed by Neuromod Devices Ltd., an Irish company specializing in neuromodulation technology. The device aims to provide relief to individuals suffering from tinnitus

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Ear Candling for Tinnitus

When people say the human body is capable of doing amazing things, they are not wrong. Every function the body spends time on serves a purpose; it’s an incredible machine designed to do so much

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How Is Hyperacusis Diagnosed and Treated?

The Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic I received a call from a patient’s husband asking for help.  His wife was having significant sensitivity to sounds and it had been worsening over the past several years.  At

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How To Deal With Severe Tinnitus?

Many of us are familiar with what hearing loss is, as this is a common diagnosis, especially among older populations. We can all think of a family member or an older friend who has a

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