Dr. Todd Decker







Dr. Decker has been an Audiologist for more than 25 years. He medically evaluates the hearing of children and adults and can improve their lives with the treatment of hearing conditions.

​Dr. Decker has a M.S. in Audiology and an Au.D. He is the current President of the SD Board of Audiology and Hearing Instrument Specialists and was the past president of the SD Hearing Health Practitioners Association.

​Dr. Todd and his wife Julianne have 3 beautiful daughters all adopted from Russia.

​“I am inspired to do what I do because helping to improve the life of an individual, one at a time will help make a stronger and more caring community.” His motivation comes from “the opportunity to utilize the gifts God has given me to enhance the life of another human being so they may have the ability to become the best they can be. I am inspired by having a caring and professional team with me to provide the best outcome and patient experience we can.”