ReSound One Review

In August of 2020, hearing aid manufacturer ReSound launched its new hearing technology the “ReSound One.” ReSound is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the hearing market, and the ReSound One is their high-end offering. ReSound is also known as one of the more technologically advanced hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Two of their more recent accomplishments include being the first company to release “made for iPhone” hearing aids and the 2018 release of the LiNX Quattro range. The ReSound One is another technological advancement as the first hearing aid to use Microphone and Receiver In the Ear (M&RIE) technology.

With this new technology, an additional third microphone is located on the area of the hearing aid that goes into the ear canal. This microphone collects sound directly inside the ear canal and makes it possible for the wearer to hear frequencies that would be otherwise inaudible. The third microphone makes use of your ear’s distinct design and shape for a more natural auditory experience. Also, rather than simply amplifying all noises like some one-directional hearing aids do, the ReSound One allows you to pick out the sounds that you are specifically focusing on. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

It is important to mention that you will need to see an audiologist or other hearing professional for an assessment prior to purchasing a ReSound One hearing aid. In today’s world many people want the ease and convenience of purchasing a hearing aid over the counter, but a hearing aid with this technology requires an audiologist to customize it and fit into your ear. 

ReSound One was the first hearing aid on the market to feature M&RIE technology. This M&RIE technology places a third microphone inside the ear canal. By placing a microphone in the ear canal, the ReSound One increases the directionality of the sound it receives. More importantly, it takes advantage of the natural and unique shape of each hearer’s ear to essentially customize the sound they are hearing. 

The ReSound One was designed with natural hearing in mind, so the technology and features found in it are based on that goal. It is one of the more expensive hearing aids out there, but it is also one of the most technologically advanced. The ReSound Linx Quattro has been the gold standard for hearing aids since it came out. With the introduction of ReSound One the beginning of the M&RIE technology that increases sound quality and directional hearing has been introduced, likely a new gold standard. 

When purchasing a hearing aid, each manufacturer has certain specialities or things that they do better than others. The ReSound One was created with the purpose of mimicking natural hearing, so that the main consideration you have to make prior to purchasing is whether or not this is the most important feature for you. Other hearing aids may be more powerful, some may have better speech clarity, and others focus primarily on connectivity and streaming. The ReSound One tries to offer you the most natural hearing experience possible, and while it can be difficult to customize the device to your preferences, a skilled audiologist can do just that and it is worth the effort.  

The main consideration you have to make prior to purchasing the ReSound One hearing aid is deciding how much it is worth to you to have a hearing aid that does its best to mimic natural hearing. There is no doubt that this is a high quality hearing aid that is compatible with iPhones, Bluetooth, and other devices. The sound quality is excellent, and the directional hearing, with the third microphone in the ear canal is really second to none. It is one of the best hearing aids on the market. It is also expensive and can be time consuming to customize the ReSound One to exactly what you want and need. To many it is worth the cost and effort, to some it is not, but that is the main consideration you have to make.


  • The first hearing aid with M&RIE technology.
  • The ReSound One gives you the ability to focus on and hear conversations without getting lost in ambient noise and other distracting sounds.
  • ReSound strives to imitate natural hearing. The directional microphones, including one placed inside the ear canal, make it successful in achieving that goal.
  • The ReSound One comes in three styles and a range of colors to match your hair and skin.
  • This BTE hearing aid is small and unobtrusive.
  • With a receiver in the ear, you get 3-directional hearing allowing easier focus on the conversation rather than ambient noise.
  • These hearing aids hold charge for up to 25 hours and also offer a rechargeable base that you can keep anywhere in your home.
  • They are weatherproof and very easy to clean.
  • Connects directly to your iPhone and can stream with an Android app using Bluetooth.
  • Hands-free calling is accessible and very easy to use.
  • The ReSound Smart 3D app is intuitive and helpful.
  • Because of their customizability, they tend to be a great fit for almost any patient.


  • It is one of the more expensive hearing aids on the market.
  • The small size means it can be more difficult to operate.
  • There are smaller and less noticeable hearing aids available on the market.
  • They function better if you have an iPhone.

Features & Benefits 

The major benefit that the ReSound One introduced to the hearing aid market is the Microphone-and-Receiver-In-the-Ear (M&RIE) technology. The technology gives you a different level of directionality, improved speech clarity, and a more natural hearing experience. It has been discussed previously, but it is important to mention here again.

Here are some other features and benefits that are also important. 

  • All Access Directionality

The all access directionality is designed to adjust the directional microphone patterns automatically based on the environment you are in. In louder, busier environments, the ReSound One focuses your hearing on what is in front of you so that you can hold a conversation more easily, while in quieter environments the microphones bring in sounds more equally from all over.

  • C6 Chip Platform

The C6 platform is ReSound’s fastest and most efficient to date. It has more than triple the memory of the Linx Quattro and 50% more processing power. The C6 enables the ReSound One to produce sound with greater depth and quality while not sacrificing battery life.

  • Ultra Focus

The Ultra Focus mode allows all six microphones to focus on the voice in front of you and ignore sounds from the back and sides. Even in the noisiest of environments it is possible to hold a one-on-one conversation and focus on what the other person is saying while minimizing distractions.

  • Face Mask Program

Because of the prevalence of face masks due to COVID, the One hearing aid has a setting that helps compensate for speech frequencies muffled by face masks. When you cannot hear as well what other people are saying, facial cues and being able to see a person’s mouth is more important to your hearing. 

  • Made For iPhone (MFi) Technology and Android Streaming

ReSound made the first MFi hearing aid back in 2013 and that technology continues today. The One hearing aid offers streaming capability to iPhones and select Android phones via Bluetooth technology. This is a low-energy option so battery life is not degraded significantly while on the phone.

  • Hands-Free Calling

Just like a wireless headset, your ReSound One can be used to take calls and talk on your iPhone or iPad without having to hold the device. This is especially useful when you need to use your hands to do other things like take notes.

  • ReSound Smart 3D App

The Smart 3D app gives people precise and discrete control of their hearing aids. Most people have their phone with them all of the time anyway, so the ability to control your hearing aid with your phone is very beneficial. 

Design/type of hearing aid

The ReSound One can be either a Behind The Ear (BTE) or Receiver-In-Ear (RIE) hearing aid that is very small and unobtrusive. You could easily mistake this hearing aid for a set of headphones or some other electronic device. It is smaller than its predecessor, the Linx Quattro, and it also comes in a variety of colors and modern finishes that set it apart from many other hearing devices on the market. Each hearing aid has one button on it that you can use to turn it on/off, adjust volume, and change the mode. It is a simple and aesthetically pleasing design that is intuitive to use. If you are used to larger devices with multiple buttons, it may take some time to adjust, but in the long run the simplicity of it is something that most people enjoy.

You can use the ReSound One for virtually any level of hearing loss. The three microphones pick up sounds really well, and the extra microphone in the ear canal is both natural sounding and easily adjustable for different levels of hearing loss. If you have very moderate hearing loss and rely primarily on your natural hearing, there are other models on the market that are less expensive and would probably work well. If, on the other hand, you rely on your hearing aids, this model can change and grow with you.

  • Fit and Wearability

You can only get a ReSound One hearing aid through a licensed audiologist, so the first step is to find an audiologist and make an appointment. The audiologist will ask you questions about your hearing and about your family history prior to giving you an examination. Once these steps are over, the steps specific for the ReSound One begin. Your audiologist will use a computer program developed by ReSound One to adjust the frequency settings to match your hearing test results. 

The hearing aids fit extremely well, especially because the audiologist will adjust them to your specific size and comfort. The contour of the actual device will sit nicely behind your ear. Different color and finish options are also available to choose from allowing you to find the one that looks and feels the best to you. Your audiologist will also adjust the fit and frequencies throughout the life of your hearing aid.


  • Battery

The ReSound One comes with either a rechargeable or traditional battery system. The rechargeable option offers the industry’s best rechargeable battery life. On one full charge, the ReSound One can last up to 30 hours and an average of about 25 hours. That means you can charge them overnight, put them in your ear when you wake up, and wear them all day without having to worry about the battery dying regardless of how much you use them for streaming or hands-free calls. The charging case closes securely so that humidity and moisture are not a problem.  

  • Sound quality

When choosing a hearing aid, the most important thing is that it provides you with the ability to hear and understand the people in your life that you care most about. That is the biggest strength of the ReSound One. The device is capable of sorting the sounds in your environment so that you more easily hear the things that you want to hear but eliminate the sounds that you do not.

The connectivity features like streaming capabilities and Bluetooth technology allow you to connect directly to electronic devices such as televisions, smart phones, music players, etc. providing focused and clear sound. If you can control the frequency and volume of sounds directly connected to your own device, you can ensure that the quality of the sound is top notch.         

  • Streaming

As mentioned above, the ReSound One can stream from iPhones, iPads, and many Android devices. With Apple products specifically, the One features brand new hands-free technology that allows you to take phone calls and FaceTime calls with the simple push of a button.


The ReSound One is one of the more expensive hearing aids currently available. Some health insurance carriers may cover some or most of the cost but many do not. ReSound One is one of the most technologically advanced hearing aids on the market and the price reflects that. Because of its compatibility with other electronics and its attempt to imitate natural hearing, there are some great innovations with this hearing aid which result in a higher expense. You can expect to pay at least $5,000 for a set and potentially more.  The final price will depend on how much customization is required for your selection.


  • When did the ReSound One hit the market?

The ReSound One was launched in August of 2020 and effectively replaces ReSound’s utilizing the unique shape of each hearer’s ear to collect sound. 

  • Is the ReSound One Bluetooth compatible?

With the ReSound One you can connect directly to all iPhones and many Android devices through Bluetooth technology. You can stream audio and wireless phone calls directly to your hearing aids without using a lot of energy.

  • Is the ReSound One the best hearing aid on the market today?

The ReSound One was the first hearing aid to use M&RIE technology, utilizing the shape of your own ear to enhance what you hear. ReSound is known as one of the most technologically forward thinking brands in the hearing aid market, and the One is their most advanced product.

  • How many channels and programs does the ReSound One have?

The ReSound One features 17 channels and 4 customizable programs that give it the ability to process sound in a way that provides a natural listening experience and can be unique for particular listening environments.

The ReSound One hearing aid has a goal of mimicking natural hearing, and with M&RIE technology, the C6 chip platform, all access directionality, and the Ultra Focus feature it does just that. The ReSound One helps you to focus your hearing on the sounds and speech that are the most important while keeping other distractions away. It even uses the natural shape and size of your ear to customize your hearing experience. It also offers all of the connectivity and streaming features that you find in other high end hearing aids. ReSound continues to be one of the most innovative hearing aid manufacturers on the market and the ReSound One does not disappoint.

The ReSound One is a technologically advanced hearing aid that tries to make hearing as natural as possible through a device. The features including streaming, Bluetooth, M&RIE technology, and all access directionality all make it a great hearing aid that helps the hearer focus on the things that are important and not be distracted by the sounds that are not.

Dr. D’Anne Rudden

Dr. D’Anne Rudden has been helping Longmont and the surrounding communities hear better and find tinnitus relief for over 20 years. She is an expert in the fitting, dispensing, programming, and verification of advanced hearing technology and implantable devices, as well as in the diagnosis of hearing problems. She uses best practices to assure that your hearing solutions are personalized and customized for your specific needs.
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Dr. D’Anne Rudden

Dr. D’Anne Rudden has been helping Longmont and the surrounding communities hear better and find tinnitus relief for over 20 years. She is an expert in the fitting, dispensing, programming, and verification of advanced hearing technology and implantable devices, as well as in the diagnosis of hearing problems. She uses best practices to assure that your hearing solutions are personalized and customized for your specific needs.
Table of Contents