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Noopl Review

Things to consider before purchasing:

  • This is not a hearing aid, nor is it an over-the-counter amplifier.  For users who are not yet ready for hearing aids, this product is designed to help hear conversations in restaurants, meetings and family gatherings.  For users who use MFi hearing devices it provides an extra layer of hearing assistance for loud environments.
  • It is labeled as a “hearing enhancement accessory for Iphone”
  • There is a 90 day in home trial with a full refund if it is returned.
  • The product states that it will “help you hearing clearly in noisy places”
  • Order online at :


  • Design – This is a dongle for the Iphone
    • Connects USB audio via Lightning connector.
    • Prior to plugging the device into the iPhone, users must download the Noopl App.
      • Set up for users that only use AirPods
      • Set up for users that use MFI compatible hearing aids.
  • Fit and Wearability – Compatible will either use AirPods Pro, Beats Fit Pro, Powerbeats Pro – manual mode only (sold separately); or MFI compatible hearing aids (Sold through hearing care professional)
  • Performance –
    • Battery – no battery, powered by Lightning port (uses phone battery)
    • Sound Quality
      • Directionality
      • Adaptability
      • Noise Cancellation
      • Adaptive Noise Reduction
      • Automatic sound adjustment based on environment
    • Streaming – Automatically streams sounds from Iphone/Noopl to AirPods Pro or MFI devices
  • Is it upgradeable? No

Unique Perks and Features:

  • Iphone 7 or newer compatible, iOS 14 or higher
  • AirPods Pro or Beats Fit Pro (sold separately) dynamic head tracking focuses Noopl on what the user wants to hear
  • Multi-microphone directional signal processing
  • Dedicated App needed to use Noopl available through Apple Store – app allows manual steering and control.
  • 1 year warranty


  • $249.00 – usually a special offer for $20-40 off and shipping included

Reviewers Personal Experiences:

  • Using Airpods- speech sounds enhanced slightly in very complex situations.
  • Using MFI hearing aids – slight enhancement in very complex situations.


The website is clear and concise.  The online purchase is easy and an immediate response is emailed once the order is processed.  The product was received in good condition at the expected delivery date.  At first I had trouble connecting the product through MFi hearing devices and sent an email to Noopl that was responded to immediately with actions to take in order to connect successfully.

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