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Understanding Tinnitus and Headaches

Are you experiencing ringing in your ears along with occasional headaches? If you hear any sounds in your head or ears that don’t exist outside of your head, it is called tinnitus. For some, tinnitus

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Sudden Deafness

While I will ply you with a lot of information about sudden deafness, or as it is also called, sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL), I want you to remember the most important piece of information…AS

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What happens during a hearing test?

Before we get into what happens in an audiology appointment, I should probably share why you should schedule an audiology appointment. Below are some common signs of hearing loss: Difficulty hearing everyday conversations A feeling

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The Connection of Hearing Loss and Dementia

How to Unclog Ears from Congestion

Have you ever had a stuffy nose and felt like your ears were going to pop? That’s because of the eustachian tubes. But what is the eustachian tube and how does it work?  Read on

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Can Diabetes Cause Hearing Loss?

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines diabetes as, “a chronic (long-lasting) health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy.”4 After consuming food, the body breaks it down and turns

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Earigator Cerumen Irrigation

One of the most common phone calls that my hearing care clinic receives is:  Do you provide professional ear wax removal?  As Doctors of Audiology, we say yes. We not only provide ear wax removal

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Why don’t my hearing aids work

Hearing loss can be incredibly frustrating and isolating. If you’ve tried hearing aids but they don’t seem to work, a cochlear implant may be the best solution for you. Cochlear implants are advanced medical devices

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Picasso Hearing Aids

Overview The Picasso hearing aid is a custom-made device made by hearing aid manufacturer, Starkey. These devices are custom made to fit inside your ears and are tailored to your needs in order to provide

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What Is An Otoscopic Examination?

The first step of a comprehensive hearing evaluation is an otoscopic examination. An otoscopic examination is completed with an otoscope which is a medical tool that provides light and magnification to view the integrity of

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Which famous people suffer with tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the term used for when a person perceives a sound when no external sound source is present. Many possible causes for tinnitus have been identified. These causes include hearing loss due to aging

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What Is Lenire Tinnitus Treatment?

Introduction to Lenire Lenire tinnitus treatment is an innovative, non-invasive medical device developed by Neuromod Devices Ltd., an Irish company specializing in neuromodulation technology. The device aims to provide relief to individuals suffering from tinnitus

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