Hearing Associates of Central Florida

Hearing Associates of Central Florida

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Kara Naberhaus, Au.D.

Jaclyn Drolet, Au.D.

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Hearing Associates of Central Florida has been the premier audiology practice in Orlando for over 11 years. Our hearing staff provides comprehensive ear care and consists of audiologists. We are dedicated to providing you with optimal hearing care.

Audiology Services

Hearing Tests, Hearing Evaluations, Aural Rehabilitation, Central Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment, Pediatric Audiology

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Selection, Hearing Aid Fitting, Hearing Aid Repair, Assistive Listening Devices, Bone Anchored Devices, Cochlear Implants

Hearing Aid Brands

Lyric Hearing Aids, Oticon Hearing Aids, Phonak Hearing Aids, ReSound Hearing Aids, Signia Hearing Aids, Unitron Hearing Aids
Custom Ear Molds Available: Custom Hearing Protection, Custom Earplugs for Swimming, Custom Musician Earplugs