Real Ear Occluded Response (REOR)

What is Real Ear Occluded Response (REOR)?

Real ear occluded response (REOR) is a measure of the sound pressure level (SPL) of a sound in the ear canal with a hearing aid inserted in the ear but turned off. It is calculated by subtracting the SPL of a sound in the ear canal without the hearing aid from the SPL of the same sound in the ear canal with the hearing aid.

REOR is often used in conjunction with other real ear measures, such as real ear aided response and real ear insertion gain.

What is Real-Ear Occluded Gain (REOG)?

Real-ear occluded gain (REOG) is the difference between the real ear occluded response (REOR) and the real ear unaided response (REUR). It is a measure of the amount of amplification that is provided by the occlusion effect of the hearing aid.

What is the Occlusion Effect of the Ear?

The occlusion effect of the ear is the increase in SPL that occurs when a hearing aid is inserted into the ear canal and turned off. This is due to the fact that the hearing aid occludes the ear canal, which prevents sound from escaping. The occlusion effect is most pronounced at low frequencies.

There are a number of ways to reduce the occlusion effect, such as using a vent in the hearing aid or using a hearing aid with a directional microphone.

What does Occluded Ear Mean?

An occluded ear is an ear that has been closed off, such as by inserting a hearing aid into the ear canal. This can have a number of effects on hearing, including an increase in SPL at low frequencies, a decrease in sound localization, and a feeling of fullness in the ear.

What is a Real-Ear Analysis?

A real-ear analysis is a type of hearing test that measures the performance of hearing aids in the ear canal. It is a more accurate way to measure hearing aid performance than traditional methods, such as audiometric testing.


Real ear occluded response (REOR) is a valuable tool for audiologists and hearing aid users. It can help to identify problems with hearing aid fitting and to ensure that hearing aids are providing the best possible hearing benefit.