The helix is the curved/raised rim of the external ear (pinna). It is one of the three main parts of the pinna, along with the antihelix and the lobule.

What is the Helix or Antihelix of the Pinna?

The helix and antihelix are two of the most prominent features of the pinna. The helix is the curved ridge that runs around the outer edge of the pinna, while the antihelix is the ridge that runs perpendicular to the helix.

Why is the Ear Called Helix?

The helix is named after the Greek word “helix,” which means “spiral.” This is because the helix is shaped like a spiral.

What is the Function of Helix in Outer Ear

The helix helps to collect sound waves and direct them into the ear canal. It also helps to protect the ear from damage.

Is Helix and Auricle the Same?

The helix is part of the auricle, but they are not the same thing. The auricle is the entire outer ear, including the helix, the antihelix, and the lobule.