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ear barotrauma

Ear Barotrauma

If you have ever traveled in an airplane, you may have felt as if you needed to “pop” your ears during the ascent and descent. Oftentimes, ears will feel plugged and sound as if your

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Why Do I Feel Pressure In Ear?

Pressure in the ear, medically referred to as ear barotrauma or otic barotrauma is a type of ear damage. As the name implies, ear barotrauma is caused by pressure differences between the external and internal

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Are Musicians Prone To Hearing Loss?

During an audiologist’s career they may come across a few musicians who seek them out for answers about their ears and hearing health. For some audiologists, the task of thoroughly assessing a musician’s hearing and

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What Do Audiologists Do?

What Is An Audiologist?  An audiologist is a postgraduate trained healthcare professional who evaluates, diagnoses, treats and manages hearing, hearing loss, auditory pathway health and balance disorders at all ages (birth to end of life).

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