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Dr. Nancy Datino







Dr. Nancy Datino is the owner of Audiology and Speech Solutions, P. C. . As both an Audiologist and Speech-Language pathologist she provides personalized and integrated care for individuals with hearing, speech, language, listening and learning difficulties. She has over 35 years of experience in helping people with hearing loss and speech and language challenges, through technology and therapeutic intervention. Her professional specialty as both an audiologist and a speech-language pathologist, combined with her personal experience helping individuals with special needs, makes her both an exceptional doctor and a valuable source of information. Her approach to caring for people with communication difficulties is centered on mutual respect for the individual and their specific needs.

Dr. Datino spent her early career as a Supervisor of Audiology at the world-renowned League for the Hard of Hearing, where she achieved the position of Clinical Supervisor in Pediatric Audiology, at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In this position, Dr. Datino was responsible heading up the Childrenā€™s Hearing Intervention Program, and served as the Director of Speech and Hearing at Hudson Valley United Cerebral Palsy. She shared her love of the field with students at several universities in the area, as Dr. Datino held the position of Adjunct Professor/Clinical Supervisor at Columbia University, Brooklyn College, Yeshiva University and Mercy College.

Dr. Datino has contributed significantly to the field through her clinical work, as well as presentations at state and national workshops. Later in her career, she wanted to bring her experience and expertise, and lifelong passion for helping individuals overcome their communication challenges, to her home community. She has started a non-profit project, Hearing the Call Westchester to achieve this goal. Nancy lives and works in Westchester County, NY.

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