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Dr. Kristi Mendoza







With a heart for her patients and years of experience, Dr. Kristi Mendoza, has been helping people improve their hearing as an Audiologist since 1991. Dr. Mendoza and her team at Optimum Audiology, pride themselves on providing the highest quality audiology services across the high desert.

“”My interest has always been bent towards helping people communicate better with the use of hearing devices. This includes those with hearing loss, those with tinnitus, history of hearing loss (Veterans, Occupational Noise) and those with auditory processing difficulties,”” she says. Amplification has been proven to be beneficial in all these situations.

Dr. Mendoza and Optimum Audiology have relocated to a new and convenient location that allows for her to have more space for patients and to hire additional staff. She loves being located in the high desert and enjoys participating in local community events. Optimum Audiology and Dr. Mendoza was recently named 2021 Best in the High Desert by the Daily Press.

Optimum Audiology has extensive experience working with all branches of the military and has recently begun working with NASA. With a love for all who serve our country, Dr. Mendoza enjoys spending time with Veterans and listening to their life stories while also helping to find solutions to their hearing issues. “”Working with Veterans has given me a chance to give back to my community and be an advocate for Veterans with hearing loss. Veterans truly have my heart.

As an independently owned audiology practice, Optimum Audiology offers flexible solutions for hearing loss. They have a variety of hearing aid options from all of the leading manufacturers. At Optimum Audiology youā€™ll be provided with a comprehensive hearing test, timely reports, a complete explanation of your results and a variety of solutions that will fit your needs.

Outside of the office, Dr. Mendoza enjoys gardening, adult coloring books, and writing poetry. She loves spending time with her three kids (Brayden, Business Student, Taylor, Cosmetologist/Hairdresser and Sydney, Audiology major currently in school). She also loves her three dogs, Asap, Whiskey and Shadow.

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