Dr. John Mcnamara







I began my career working with the severe-to-profound hearing-impaired population. I interned at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at RIT and taught at Gallaudet (MSSD) University following graduation. I moved to Brooklyn and set up an audiology department at a large geriatric hospital – nursing facility. Following my tenure there, I moved to Rochester and began teaching at NTID at RIT. I remained there until I began my work at Ontario Hearing Instruments in 1988. I completed my clinical doctorate in Audiology in 2006.

As the field of Audiology develops, so too does the need to stay educated with the increasingly fast paced changes in technology and diagnostic procedures. Today’s technology provides a drastically different kind of technology and approach than what was available only a few years ago. The challenge to stay educated and updated about these changes and to implement them on the right individual truly makes a difference in a patient’s hearing health success.