Dr. Kimberly Redford







Dr. Kimberly Redford has worked in the field of audiology since 2008 and as an audiologist since 2014. She graduated from Utah State in 2009 with her Bachelors in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education. She then graduated from University of Utah with her Doctorate in Audiology in 2014.

She has an extensive background treating a variety of patients with traumatic brain injuries, stroke, sudden hearing loss, brain tumors, medicinal ototoxicity, tinnitus, hearing conservation, neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring, pediatric hearing loss, and adult hearing loss. She also has experience with cochlear implant candidacy testing and mapping. She has her Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A). She finds helping patients rewarding and appreciates the impact of good hearing to enhance quality of life.

Dr. Kimberly Reford enjoys spending time with her husband and children, going to farmer’s markets, listening to music, gardening, camping, and traveling.

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