Dr. Angela Bright Pearson







Dr. Angela Bright Pearson had childhood hearing loss and received her first hearing aid at age 16. It made such a difference for her that she wanted to become an audiologist to help others as she was helped. She understands firsthand the anguish hearing loss can cause…and also what a difference her hearing aids continue to make today.

Dr. Bright Pearson was one of the first in the country to receive her “Doctor of Audiology” degree in 2000, from the University of Florida. Prior to that, she received her Master’s degree in Audiology and Speech Pathology from UNC Greensboro. She has taught at UNC Greensboro and UNC Chapel Hill, served on state audiology boards, and has presented and published on a national level.
She was featured on the cover of Advance for Audiologists in 2009 for her leadership as a female practice Owner/Audiologist. She is certified by the American Board of Audiology, the highest level of certification available for audiologists.

She has earned the trust of local physicians and praises from patients. Dr. Bright Pearson prides herself by staying on top of changing trends in both patient care and audiology technology but also keeping family budgets in mind. Dr. Bright Pearson has been operating her business since 1996, returning to Sanford after having worked in a variety of settings as a speech-pathologist and audiologist.

Dr. Bright Pearson is a native of Sanford, and resides there with her husband and daughter. They enjoy camping, traveling (especially to the beach!), and water skiing. She is a member of Asbury United Methodist Church, where she is a pianist. She enjoys assisting the church with various music programs and its youth group.