Dr. Andrea Segmond







Upon graduation I started my career at the Newark (NY) DDSO where I worked with individuals with developmental disabilities. I conducted extensive diagnostic testing and dispensed hearing aids. I also consulted with and did evaluations for the Roosevelt Children’s Center located in Newark, NY. In 1998, I began work in a private practice and in 2000 joined Ontario Hearing Centers. My time is divided between our main office in Brighton and our West office located at 785A Spencerport Rd. in Gates. This is an extraordinarily exciting time to be involved with dispensing hearing aids because of the considerable technological advances that have been made in the recent years to help produce better products for people with hearing loss.

Verification measures have been enhanced to show that there is an appropriate amount of amplification and that the hearing aid performs the way it has been designed. When noise is present, we can now demonstrate that hearing aids effectively reduce surrounding noise by picking up and amplifying sound from the front (incoming speech) while at the same time suppressing other surrounding non-speech sounds. With the advent of these and other technologies, we are able to help the hearing impaired individual now more than ever before.